Words of Radiance Review

*A little spoilery*

Oh my goodness where to begin…

917AnD4pjfLThis was absolutely amazing. There are just no other words to describe this book in its entirety. The world building is so expansive, the characters are so well developed and the magic system is wonderfully explained and detailed.

I love how Brandon Sanderson has included so much of the lore and legends surrounding the Knights Radiant and the Almighty and how they weave their way into the story. It creates so much depth into the world and enhances the storyline.

Reading from Shallan’s point of view is such a joy. I love that we get to delve deeper into her backstory and see how far she has come from the young, naïve, broken girl who was sequestered in her father’s estate in Jah Keved to the strong, brave, intelligent woman at the Shattered Plains. Her journey was brutal, tortuous and heartbreaking and to see her overcome everything was beautiful. I also don’t want to be too spoilery but there were so many moments that Shallan had in this book that really took my breath away. She has grown so much from the first novel and that breakthrough scene at the end where she finally admits to what had happened with her mother so long ago had me shook!

What can I say about Kaladin? As one of our main male protagonists I just love him. I find his character to be so likeable. He is kind of like the male equivalent to Shallan and yet they are both so different. I love that we see him really struggle to overcome his inner emotions and turmoil in regards to Dalinar and Kholin and how his perception of them changes over time. I like the kind of mutual respect Kaladin and Kholin share after the duel and I kind of want them to become best friends. To see him mature and develop and have that reflected onto his bridge team really warmed my heart as well. I love his relationship with them and the light banter he maintains whilst still being their beloved and respected captain who saved their lives.

There are so many plot points that I want to mention and I have so many theories and thoughts that if I were to list them all I would have a 2-3 page essay that would surely bore you. So I just want to say that this book as a whole is really enrapturing and is not at all difficult to read. Sure sometimes the overwhelming number of characters can throw you at first, but its so intricately detailed and explained in a way that it all just fits together perfectly. You can really get swept up into the narrative that Brandon Sanderson has created and I honestly cannot wait to pick up Edgedancer and Oathbringer to see what else we have in store with this series.

⭐️5/5 stars cannot recommend enough! AMAZING!

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