IMG_1715Look what I finally have my hands on! I have been eyeing off Renegades for sooo long now. Especially over these last couple of months since everyone has been raving about this book! I’ve heard this is comparable to X-Men being that they are humans with extraordinary abilities with a lot of action thrown in the mix. The premise behind this is exciting and I love a good fantasy/dystopian world with humans with super powers having to overcome some kind of obstacle! That trope really calls to me for some reason and I always seem to love every story that kind of revolves around that style. I have a lot of expectations attached to this book and I believe that the sequel is coming out I think at the end of this year really gives me a reason to sit down and read Renegades and see if all the hype surrounding this book is worth it. I haven’t read anything like this in a while and I am excited to give it a read and see what I think about it. I will definitely be getting back to you with a review in a few days!

Happy Reading๐Ÿ“š