Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fantasy

Every year it seems that I’ve read less and less of the nominees for the Goodreads Choice Awards in the fantasy categories even though it is my favourite genre. This year in the adult category I’ve read 3 of the 20 which makes sense since I haven’t been prioritizing a lot of the fantasy books on my TBR which I want to change in the coming year. I think in the next month I want to try and get to at least two more of the nominees that are on my TBR and I would love to try and complete at least the top 10 books that are announced next year! For the full list of the nominees click HERE!



Thankful for second hand books!

It’s Top Ten Tuesday time once again friends. This week the prompt is a ‘thankful’ freebie and I just wanted to give a shout out to thrift and secondhand books stores! Books are so expensive to buy brand new so I’ve restricted myself to only paying full price for either books I rated 4 stars and over or pre orders of series I’m loving. So over the last year I have visited a lot of op shops/thrift stores on the hunt for second hand books to add to my collection and I usually manage to come away with one or two titles. Just this last weekend I visited 3-4 stores and I came away with this lovely haul of books that I managed to snag.ย