This month I’m going to take a break from having a set TBR and go back to mood reading! I’ve been very up and down with what I’ve been in the mood to read so I figure I’ll give myself a blank slate to pick whatever I want.


5 Quotes from Last 5 Books

These are five of my favourite quotes from the last five books that I have read!!

All Her Little Secrets by Wanda M. Morris

“I’ve heard some women say having a baby changes you. Not having one can change you, too.”


Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

“When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.”


The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

“The problem with knowledge, is its inexhaustible craving. the more of it you have, the less you feel you know” 


Ring Shout by P. Djeli Clark

“Devil wouldn’t be the devil if he didn’t know how to tempt.”


Evershore by Brandon Sanderson

“We brought company, I told her. All of it.”


All Her Little Secrets Review


Ellice Littlejohn seemingly has it all: an Ivy League law degree, a well-paying job as a corporate attorney in midtown Atlanta, great friends, and a “for fun” relationship with a rich, charming executive—her white boss, Michael. But everything changes one cold January morning when Ellice goes to meet Michael… and finds him dead with a gunshot to his head.

Ellice was definitely an interesting character. I honestly didn’t think she had much to hide per se but as the story progresses and we find out more of her secrets I felt sad for her. She had a traumatic upbringing and even though she managed to escape her circumstances she was left feeling immense guilt for leaving her little brother there. Which is obviously why she kept bailing him out and loaning him money. I liked to see her kind of devolve as she delves further into the mystery behind Michael’s death and who she thought was behind it.

I think it would of been more interesting if this was a dual perspective from Sam’s point of view as well. He is so wrapped up in this whole conspiracy and he eventually pays for it with his life. I still feel like he could of gave us more insight into what they had to deal with in childhood and it could of been a fascinating to see how contrasting their lives are now.

I did however really enjoyed the flashbacks to Ellice’s past. I like that there was more to her than what we originally perceived. Vera I adore and I liked the fact that she is still a major factor in both Ellice and Sam’s life and they continue to visit and show their love for her. It added a lot of depth to the storyline and showed us why Ellice acts the way she does and her reasonings behind her decisions she’s made in her life, like keeping her little secrets.

In terms of the actual mystery surrounding Michael’s death and who was behind it, I was underwhelmed. I just feel like there wasn’t enough high stakes moments that could of upped my entertainment factor. I want to be shocked and even though there were some twists throughout the plot I didn’t foresee it was all that interesting to find out. Talks about shipments and deliveries and gun orders to find out about a secret deal that leads to a conspiracy was boring.

⭐️2/5 stars I was just a little bored at times..

✨Grishaverse Reread✨

I found myself getting annoyed throughout this reread of Siege and Storm. I think I remember this middle book being my least favourite out of the three but I had to kind of like pull my teeth to finish. Even though this was a relatively quick read it felt like the middle section where it was just a lot of the preparing for the inevitable war with the Darkling felt like it was going on forever. Nothing was really happening other than the ongoing miscommunication between Mal and Alina. If there’s one thing I hate the most when conflict comes up between love interests its miscommunication because its honestly the easiest to fix. I was very much on Mal’s side for the majority of the read and his justifications for why he was pushing Alina away made sense (though the drinking and hooking up with the girl Alina can’t stand wasn’t great). I am not that big a fan of Nikolai though, he felt pretentious to me. He used Alina for his own narrative in claiming the throne, even though he may be the right person for it. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just be friends with Alina, why did he have to take it to that level when he knew she was struggling with her feelings for Mal. Overall wasn’t my favourite, still felt nostalgic to me though and I appreciated my reread for sure!