The Hobbit Review

Adobe Photoshop PDFI mean this book is pretty well known but if you haven’t heard it’s about a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who enjoys a comfortable and quiet life. His contentment is disturbed one day when a wizard named Gandalf and a bunch of dwarves arrive on his doorstep to take him away on an adventure.

I was just in the mood for a stand-a-lone fantasy that I would be able to loose myself in and as I was perusing my shelves I realized I haven’t actually read The Hobbit. I dove straight in and found it a little bit difficult to comprehend at first. There is just something about J.R.R Tolkien’s writing that makes it difficult for me to stay focused, which was similar to my experience reading The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as well. After about the first 100 pages or so I was more familiar with his style and I was able to focus on the actual plot.

Bilbo started off quite a bit blustery and rigid. He definitely goes through a transformation over the course of the plot and we see him become a lot more forward and direct. At time he can be very selfish and I grew weary of him dwelling on his homesickness but it doesn’t stop him from moving forward.

I really wish we would have followed Gandalf and his journey in banishing the necromancer with the rest of the wizarding council. He is such an interesting character that is always weaving in and out of the story and I really would of loved a few chapters from his perspective exclusively.

All of the dwarves were interesting though none really had any depth. I found J.R.R Tolkien never really gave any of his characters other than Bilbo much substance. Their own personal history and personalities are quite shallow. I would of been a lot more invested if we are given a more in depth look into their characters and how they distinguish from each other.

The overall plot was very entertaining and interesting. There is definitely more of a focus on the world building and the establishment of the different creatures that live in Middle Earth as opposed to any character development in my opinion. There were times that the story felt a little rushed but it was exactly what I expected and needed to read at this time!

⭐️3/5 stars Enchanting, adventurous, classic!

Warbreaker Review

51zg32xJdLL__SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Warbreaker is about two sisters who are princesses of a small kingdom. Vivienna is the oldest and her whole life she has been groomed to marry the Godking of the neighboring Kingdom as part of a peace treaty but at the last minute her father decided to send the youngest daughter Siri instead.

Siri was a little too carefree and naïve at the start of the book but I loved seeing her transformation over the course of the story line. I found it quite cruel that her father decided to send her instead of her sister. I understand how difficult the situation was but he literally just sent her in blind with no hope of survival.

Vivienna kind of bugged me. She came across a tad arrogant, but I appreciated how most of her beliefs are challenged and she really had to evaluate who she was as a person and how she perceives the world. She is really brought down to her lowest possible point and still perseveres and comes out a lot stronger than what she was previously.

Lightsong’s character was a little dull to be honest. I knew that he was integral to the story and would ultimately have a purpose he would need to fulfill, but the journey to that moment was a little tedious. I enjoyed finding out more about his background and who he used to be and why he was chosen as Lightsong the Brave but everything else I really wasn’t invested in.

I found the magic system to be very unique but kind of confusing at times. It was definitely explained in full but the whole concept of the returned at the different levels was hard to wrap my head around. The way things were explained went into detail but I found it all to be a little dense to be honest.

Overall I really enjoyed all of the action and the intrigue. I had no idea which direction the plot was going to go in and I highly enjoyed all of the twists and turns incorporated into the plot. I just think I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if it wasn’t as long as it was. If it was condensed to around 400-500 pages instead of nearly 700 I feel like I would of be way more invested than what I was!

⭐️3/5 stars a very slow burn!

Into the Drowning Deep Review


34523174Wow, what a concept! I was absolutely enthralled right from the beginning of the story.

An entertainment company called Imagine sent a research ship into the Mariana Trench in search of mermaids. Something terrible happened and the entire ship is killed and from what footage is gathered it seems like the mermaids came onto the ship and killed everyone, but it’s disputed by the world as being fake. Now 7 years later Imagine is sending another ship to try and figure out what really happened.

This cast of characters was really random and diverse and everyone had quite a distinct personality, which made it easier to keep track of them all. I loved that we got quite an in depth insight to these characters and their backgrounds. We learn so much about them in such a short period of time but it definitely didn’t feel info dumpy or rushed in any way. I enjoyed how the story jumped from point of views every few chapters and how she incorporated the dolphin and mermaid povs just to add a bit of context to what was happening and how the contrasted with the humans, it was fascinating!

Tory is a character that you just want to support and hope that she gets the closure that she needs. She comes from what I believe to be a pretty privileged background allowing her to really set reality aside and really focus on her goal of finding out what happened to Alice. She isn’t very relatable but she is likeable and I found myself really hoping that she doesn’t die.

Luis was precious. Again another character that is super privileged but he uses his wealth really for good and actively tries to help those around him, especially Tory. He is super supportive of her and he really steps up and takes charge when the mermaids started to attack which made me love him even more!

Dr Toth was an interesting character. I was a bit ambivalent towards her at the start as i thought she came across as a bit of a know-it-all. Once I found out a bit more about her history and what she has had to endure during her career and the guilt she felt after what happened on the Atargatis, I did end up coming around and appreciating her a bit more. She was very integral to the plot and her ability to keep cool under pressure I think is what saved them all in the end!

This book really had me on the edge of my seat. Mira Grant definitely didn’t shy away from making this very dark and killing off the characters when it suited the plot. I almost wish a few of the more main characters would of died as well, I just think it would of made the story that much more shocking and realistic in a way. 

⭐️4/5 If you aren’t a fan of a lot of blood and gore this is definitely not the book for you!

Wicked Fox Review

42133479._SX318_Miyoung is an 18 year old with a secret, she is actually half Gumiho; a nine tailed fox that feeds on the energy of men to survive. When she attends a new school in Seoul and meets Jihoon she decides maybe the decisions she’s made before isn’t good enough anymore.

I liked Miyoung, she came across a little cold at the start of the book which contrasted quite nicely with Jihoon who was all smiles and goofiness. I just thought at times she could be a little passive, especially when it came to her mother. I really wanted her to stand up to her and demand the answers she was seeking instead of having to go behind her back with the shaman. 

Jihoon was adorable and very relatable. I really enjoyed the tension between him and Miyoung after the meet again at school. He has quite a traumatic background but doesn’t let that deter him from living ini the moment. He is honest and raw and expresses his feeling quite well throughout the course of the plot. He does undertake quite the journey and has had to go through many difficult situations. His family dynamic is quite complicated but his relationship with his grandmother was so special!

I loved the lore and the legends woven into the storyline. The tales of the previous Gumiho’s and how the correlate back to Miyoung was fascinating. The Korean culture was another factor I really enjoyed reading about. It definitely made the experience more interesting and unique. 

⭐️4/5 It was a rollercoaster ride!

Frankly in Love Review

*Spoilers Ahead*

39847584Frank Li is a Korean-American senior in high school who falls in love with a white girl in his class. Knowing his parents would never approve of her he concocts a scheme with another Korean-American girl in his class to pretend to date her in order to gain some freedom.

Frank is such an endearing character. He is always just trying to do what is best for everyone, kind of just keeping the status quo. He does question a lot of his parents’ thoughts and their racism towards anyone who isn’t Korean, but he never really challenges them until he is personally affected by it. I thought his plan was quite ingenious and it definitely worked in the long run.

Q just completely threw me off when we finally find out who he had a crush on. For some reason his character being gay just didn’t cross my mind at all but when we found out I was completely in my feels. It was a raw, honest moment and the way Frank handled it was kind and compassionate. Their friendship and banter felt very realistic to me and I am glad it wasn’t compromised when Q finally revealed his secret. His sister though wasn’t really necessary in the plot; I just don’t understand the purpose behind her character.

Even though Frank and Joy had known each other for years I still kind of feel like she moved on a little quickly from Wu. Frank kind of said even though all of the limbos hang out together they weren’t really friends so I thought it was a little strange that they were suddenly so close.

The plot was a little predictable at times but there were definitely some twists and turns thrown in to keep me engaged. I thought the pacing of the book was pretty steady; I finished it in less than a day so it was quite an easy read. The content I thought was super relatable and the cultural aspects added more depth to the storyline for sure!

⭐️4/5 stars frankly lovable!