The Exiled Queen Review

TheExiledQueenRaisa has fled the kingdom and is on her way to Oden’s Keep to train at the military school and stay out of her mother and the High Wizard’s way. Han and Dancer are also on their way to Oden’s Keep to try and broaden their newfound powers and knowledge on spell casting and charms at the wizard school.

I loved reading from the two separate perspectives of Raisa and Han both making their way to the same location and then living their lives so closely together until finally they come together and connect way later in the book than what I was anticipating.
I loved the school setting, it’s just always so fascinating to me watching them grow and learn and evolve as characters whilst surrounded by those who strive for the same thing. It was nice to see all of the different characters from different locations in the seven realms coexist somewhat peacefully.

Han and his character progression over the course of the plot was a joy to read. From seeing him in so much pain and grief after what happened to his mother and sister to then having him apply himself so stringently to his course to better himself so he won’t fail others in the future. I love how sure of himself he is and how he isn’t afraid to ask for help or accept assistance when he knows he needs it.

I found Raisa a little more likeable in this book than the first. I found her to be a little too pretentious and selfish but she is really starting to tone that side of her down and I enjoyed her a lot more for it. I think its because she has had to hide her true identity and just be a somewhat normal cadet rather than the princess heir that everyone is trying to manipulate and charm. She hasn’t been able to use her royal privilege really at all and I like that she hasn’t forced it onto anyone else like she has previously.

I love the direction that the plot is going. The political intrigue, the historical aspects that could come to light as well as the different agenda’s of the wizard council and the clans. This was a great continuation of the storyline and I can’t wait to get straight into The Gray Wolf Throne and see where this story will go next!

⭐️5/5 I absolutely loved this!

The Woman in the Window Review

40389527A solid mystery/thriller!

This book follows the story of Anna a woman who for the past 10 months has been stuck inside her home with an intense form of agoraphobia. Everything is going fine until one day she see’s something happen across the street that she wasn’t supposed to see.

Even though this a highly popular mystery thriller I still don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, so just bear that in mind.

I found the book to be a little slow at the beginning. Learning about Anna and her life and going through the motions was a little repetitive but effective in perspective as we are really getting a feel for what she goes through everyday. It really highlights how easy it is to be able to survive in this modern era without ever having to leave your home.

The pacing really picked out and continued to grow throughout the course of the book. The major plot point happens pretty early on in the book and then having the seeds of doubt planted into Anna’s mind making her second guess herself really prolonged the suspense. 

As a character I found her to be a little unlikeable yet relatable in a way. She stays true to her convictions and she still tries to help other people and doll out advice and just an ear to people like her. I can’t really fault her in any way as she does the best she can with her current circumstances.

I liked the twists and revelations that occur in the book as well. I am not really an avid reader of mysteries or thrillers so all the tropes are relatively new to me. I enjoyed the steady progression of suspense and the flashbacks really helped to establish Anna’s frame of mind and why she is so adamant in finding out the truth. It definitely kept me intrigued and eager to read on and see what was going to happen next. I couldn’t predict any of the plot points so I was definitely surprised when the truth was finally uncovered.

⭐️4/5 I can see why it was so hyped!

Bloodwitch Review

*Definite Spoilers*

51uwijmx-plI loved this!

The third novel in the Witchlands series is getting even more adventurous and exciting! I will say I am now glad I read Sightwitch and got more of an insight and background to the story as everything is now really syncing up and coming together in the plot.

I have to say I do stan Iseult and Aeduan. I love the hate to love trope so much and it’s very much prevalent over the course of the books with these two. I loved seeing the slow progression of their relationship build and how they slowly come to trust and understand each other. And let me just say the way they reunite had me on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t cope for a minute there.

I really didn’t pay much attention to Aeduan in the other books. I appreciated his character and I was intrigued by him, but I didn’t really think he mattered or was as integral to the story as he is now.  I figured since the name of this book was Bloodwitch that he would be more of a prominent plot line and he definitely did in this book! His arc over the course of the series has been wonderful to read; especially since we get so much more of his backstory.  In this book in particular I have really started to get more invested in his character and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

The whole book is just super immersive. I found myself really lost in the story and appreciating every character and their journey. Everything is really starting to come to a head and we are getting more and more interactions between all of the main protagonists who were otherwise on different sides of the continent through the sporadic use of the doors to connect and transport the characters which I thought was very effective.

I was very satisfied with this book. I honestly had no idea where Susan Dennard was going to take the story next and throughout the whole reading experience I was very much entertained and that really propelled me to continue to read. The action is getting so much more intense and story lines are colliding and I can’t wait for the next book!

⭐️5/5 I need to know what happens next!

Daisy Jones and the Six Review

9781786331519Not bad….

Daisy Jones is a little bit of a socialite in the early seventies who happens to be a talented singer and The Six is a rock and roll band formed by two brothers who want to make it.

I was a little lost at the start of the book. Everyone is kind of introduced all at once and then the story kind of dives in with everyone talking and explaining their stories and it was just a little too convoluted. However, I did kind of get situated into the story after about 100 pages or so and then things started to get juicy!

I was a fan of Daisy I have to admit. She is just so entertaining and super unpredictable. I like that you know that she is going to eventually join with the band and the whole books and her life is basically leading up to this moment but she doesn’t know it yet. I kind of like being low-key spoiled with endings and just reading to see how everything comes together if that makes sense. She’s just a train wreck and I loved that about her.

Billy I wasn’t the biggest fan of. Sure, he’s super talented and he did put the band together but he didn’t give them any room for their own creativity. It was very much his way and that was that, he did have good intentions I guess but it just soured him a little for me.

All of the characters served a purpose in the book. They are all very unique and distinct they each have their own voice. I found the format quite jarring at first but again after that first 100 or so pages I really started to enjoy reading from each of their perspectives and seeing how one situation can be construed in so many different ways. It was very interesting!

The plot and the way it unfolded really enraptured me. This whole culture of rock and roll mixed with drugs and alcohol and how things can be so out of control in private yet seem glamorous and beguiling in public was very well done in my opinion. Taylor Jenkins Reid really portrayed this way of life so well and it was so raw and honest and I really enjoyed my read of this book.

⭐️4/5 I get it now!

A Curse So Dark and Lonely Review

91lOPG2p6JLThis is a dual perspective fantasy following Harper a girl who one night noticed a man dragging and unconscious woman down an alley and Rhen the crown Prince to the kingdom of Emberfall.

This was a great retelling! The original premise is there but I felt like it varied enough to keep me engaged and entertained throughout the book!

I really liked Harper. Her stubbornness and tenacity made her a very entertaining and unpredictable character. She wouldn’t back down to Grey or Rhen and she would do whatever she felt was right in the situation, even if it puts her in danger.

Rhen I found to be a little unlikeable at the beginning, but I think that was how we are supposed to perceive him because once we actually delve a little deeper into his backstory and his character throughout the course of the book I definitely warmed up to him. Especially when he started to show a bit more emotion and actually cared about what was happening outside of the castle.

I think I liked Grey a little bit more than Rhen though. He was so integral to the story and his staunchness really appealed to me. The fact that he stayed even though he wasn’t a part of the curse really proved how loyal he is to Rhen and the kingdom. I enjoyed the friendship that sparked up between him and Harper and the truthfulness that they shared between them!

Overall I really enjoyed my time reading this book! There were some passages that were a little slower paced but it was a pretty quick read for me. The plot was unique and went a completely different direction than what I originally thought it would be, which kept me intrigued. I liked how the storyline started off pretty contained and then as the book progressed it grew larger and more complex. It is a pretty good jumping off point to what I am assuming will be a series.

⭐️4/5 Dark, fierce and a little romantic…