Rebel Spring Review

16000044This series is starting to give me serious Game of Throne vibes but like on a YA level. There is quite a large cast of characters and we get different povs from these characters throughout the book. Also, Morgan Rhodes really isn’t afraid to kill off characters that I thought were quite integral to the overall plot and would just introduce new characters who fit in quite organically to this already established cast. It makes every scene really engaging and the stakes are at an all time high!

I like the introduction of Lysandra to the book. I thought she added a much needed feminine touch to the rebels. She is also very spirited and motivated to shut down the blood road and save her people. I thought when she first met Jonas and Brion she was a little too pushy and wanted things to be her way but she really proved herself over the course of the book how necessary she is. I like that she holds Jonas accountable and questions his decisions when she feels like he’s not doing what is right. She really established herself as quite an important factor in the rebels and I feel she has earned the right to speak up and make herself heard!

The only thing I’m not too jazzed about in the series is how insta-lovey a lot of the romance is. Take Cleo for example she was in love with Theon after 5 minutes and then she kissed Jonas after hating him and starts to feel something and then she marries Magnus who she hates as well and 5 minutes later he kisses her and suddenly she thinks there’s something there as well. Also Jonas kisses Cleo after wanting to kill her and then she goes back to the palace and suddenly its like he see’s Lysandra for the first time and how beautiful she is. I just want there to be a little more of a build up and not jumping around from person to person. Don’t get me wrong I like how all of the characters are intermingling and interacting with each other but it’s getting a little too all over the place.

Other than that I love the direction the plot is going. In this book I feel like it set the foundation for the rest of the series. Falling Kingdoms was really like the introduction and Rebel Spring really developed a lot more of the lore and established the setting and the overall goal that theses characters are moving towards!

I can forsee a lot more action and intrigue and adventure and I am just really excited to be delving into this world and figuring out what these characters are going to do next!

⭐️4/5 Highly entertaining, I’m addicted!

Darkdawn Review

23264672This is the third and final book in the Nevernight Chronicles. We follow on immediately after the events that took place in Godsgrave with Mia having just murdered Cardinal Duomo and barely escaping with Jonnen.

The direction that the plot went with this book again completely surprised me! We dig a lot deeper into the history of Itreyan and the legends surrounding the gods and how it correlates back to Mia and being a darkin.

I like that we head back to the mountain and the Red Church where everything really originated. It felt like we came back full circle and it was gratifying to see how much Mia has changed from the first time she walked in those doors. It was a nice nod to the first book and I really liked how everything tied together.

Mia’s character is just super entertaining and very multifaceted. She’s strong, crass, murderous, sometimes completely without mercy and other times she’s vulnerable, lonely and scared. She’s such a well rounded character in my opinion, not without her faults but she will be the first one to own up to them. I absolutely loved her growth and evolution over the course of the series and I am sad that this will be the last we see of her.

From the start reading the prologue and knowing that she is going to die really had me on the edge of my seat throughout the book. I honestly didn’t know how Jay Kristoff was going to top everything that happened in Godsgrave but I will say that it was pretty up to par. The pace of the book was very quick and there were copious amounts of action and adventure and an element of mystery that keeps you engaged and eager to read on.

The love triangle element wasn’t a favourite of mine. Again now that Tric was back in the picture I honestly thought Mia would gravitate back to him and leave Ash. I guess the bond she creates with Ash was too great for Tric and it really shows in the book how much they love each other. There was some really open and honest conversation about their feelings, which I appreciated and at the end of the day Ash was the one that Mia couldn’t live without. The sacrifice Tric makes for Mia was beautiful and again really displayed the depths of his love for her, which I kind of think she didn’t appreciate enough.

Once again the scope of the world really blew my mind. The amount of detail and context put into the book amazes me and I really loved every single minute of it!

⭐️4.5/5 stars a fitting ending!

The Turn of the Key Review


The Turn of the Key follows the story of Rowan who is a nanny. When she comes across an advert for a live in nanny position it looks too good to pass up.

I like the format of the book, the use of the letters at the start to kind of establish all of the details and then backtracking to find out how Rowan came to be in this situation. There was quite a short time frame that the book focuses in on which I appreciate. I think the whole story was over the course of a week, which really enabled the plot to go into the minute details of all the events that take place! 

I really enjoyed Rowan’s character. She was definitely self-aware and wasn’t at all arrogant or above anyone else, I found her to be super relatable and I could find myself really connecting with her and all the events that happen at Heatherbrae. I thought she wasn’t the most likable of characters and I think that endeared her to me even more.  I like the fact that she swore and but some of the thoughts she had in regards to the girls were a little off-putting and didn’t really enable me to trust her completely as a character. Especially when she was supposedly this highly regarded nanny and childcare worker, so I kind of picked up on that and it made me a little wary of her.

Ruth Ware really has a way of creating this completely chilling and creepy ambiance out of a perfectly normal scenario. The atmosphere was a little off kilter from the start and I liked how the technology was incorporated as a way to make Rowan a little more paranoid. The way that Ruth weaves the story definitely had me on the edge of my seat and really had me concentrating on what was happening and when in order to figure out how everything goes down.

The only qualm I had was that the ending felt a little rushed to me. We had this whole, long drawn out, build-up of suspense and in the end Rowan was really just stumbling around while the events took place. I get that she didn’t really know what happened from the start but we are really just told and not shown what actually took place. It was still a great twist and I didn’t see it coming at all, I just thought it would have been explained a little more in detail.

Still a fantastic, nail-biter of a psychological thriller and I will definitely be checking out a few more of Ruth Ware’s backlist titles in the near future!

⭐️4.5/5 stars Dark, unsettling, spooky!

My Lovely Wife Review

39796904This was a roller-coaster ride!

This book follows the story of a suburban couple who decided to spice up their marriage by murdering people!

I absolutely loved the concept of this book! Reading from an inside perspective of the killers is something that you don’t really come across in thrillers. Especially when the husband kind of portrays himself as the innocent bystander really and Millicent is the one who does all of the dirty work. Looking after his daughter when she is sick and being so in the dark of what his wife is really capable of.

I actually really loved Millicent’s character! I love how meticulous and mercurial she is. Her rigidity and need for order and structure in all aspects of her life and how controlling she is of her family was an indication of how she truly is but I didn’t pick up on anything! She was really unpredictable and I had no idea of what she was capable of. I definitely wanted to know where she was keeping the girls and when she was going to see them, but through her husband’s perspective she really covers every aspect of her crimes and very nearly got away with it all!

I like the fact the even though we are deep in the husband’s mind and we are reading through his perspective we only know him as Tobias which is his alter-ego. The fact that we aren’t even given a name I think proves how inconspicuous he is and how easily he is able to blend into society without a second thought or glance.

I thought the pacing of the book was perfect! We are really given just enough to keep turning the pages and the sense of foreboding is implemented really well throughout the course of the plot. Every page I was waiting and anticipating for when the other shoe was going to drop and the truth was going to come out. And when the climax finally did occur it was totally unexpected and shocked me! The twists and the turns really keep you engaged and the characters and their lives kept you enthralled.

I highly enjoyed this book and I feel it’s one of the best domestic, suspenseful thrillers I’ve ever read!

⭐️4.5/5 stars calculating, twisted & dark!

Serpent & Dove Review

42608037._SY475_I really enjoyed this!

Serpent and Dove follows the story of a witch named Lou who is on the run from her coven. When she ends up in the hands of the Chasseurs (witch hunters) as a thief and known witch associate through some unforeseen circumstances she is forced to marry one of them.

 I thought this book was cleverly done. I had heard it involved a witch and witch hunter being forcing to get married and I didn’t quite understand how it was going to happen, but the way the plot line played out it made sense. It wasn’t at all insta-lovey and there was definitely a period of hatred, turned to indifference, to mutual respect and then we started getting more feelings involved. It definitely progressed on the slower side of thing but I didn’t mind it.

I absolutely loved Lou’s character, especially how crass she is in the presence of the Chasseurs and how uncomfortable she makes them. I like that she acknowledges how prudish they are and goes out of her way to make them horrified or embarrassed by her behavior. It definitely kept me entertained throughout the plot.

Reid’s character was at first a little boring and too rigid for me but I like that we gradually see him thaw and actually get to know Lou and accept her for who she is. I thought his blind reverence for the Archbishop a little stale to be honest but it did play a key role in how the story played out. He was a lot more of an integral character than just Lou’s love interest and I like that he was a strong presence in the book. He is quite staunch and firm in his beliefs that all witches should be burned and to see how his perception of what he thought was right get drastically changed because of his feelings was a moment!

The pacing like I said was a little on the slower side but I was so invested in the plot that I honestly didn’t care, I just wanted more. I thought the premise was highly original and the whole dichotomy between the witches and the different covens was fascinating to get into. Hopefully after that ending and the witches being the main focus at the moment we get a deeper insight into that world in the next book!

⭐️4/5 Witchy, dark, high stakes!