When Dimple Met Rishi Review

28458598This book is a fun contemporary about a girl named Dimple who has just graduated high school and is going to a 6 week course at San Francisco University where she meets Rishi. They have been brought together by their parents to hopefully get married one day, Dimple is very much opposed to the union and Rishi wanting to appease his parents has agreed.

This seems unrealistic but I have a feeling this kind of situation probably happens often. I think the fact that Dimple’s parents didn’t warn her first was a little problematic especially when they feigned innocence when she called and confronted them. But they do end up apologising and supporting Dimple’s decision in the end.

Dimple came across a little arrogant at times for me. She can be quite dramatic and doesn’t really take into consideration other people’s thoughts and opinions. She writes Rishi off pretty quickly and then once she gets to know him realises how wrong she is and then pushes him away again. It was a little frustrating and I thought it was a little ironic that she called Rishi the coward.

 I actually really enjoyed Rishi, I found him adorably naïve when it came to Dimple and their first meeting was hilariously cute. The respect he has for his parents was honourable and even though he disagrees with them in the end he was able to work it out maturely. I loved that he has a backbone and calls out inappropriate behaviour from those around him, not caring if he made people uncomfortable!

Culture really means a lot to both Dimple and Rishi and I loved that it was explored throughout the course of the plot line. Their beliefs had an impact upon every decision that they made and we see them both reflecting a lot on what their parents would think and how they would be perceived in their community.

I just thought the relationship progressed too quickly and felt a little rushed to me. I would have liked if they would have more time to cultivate their friendship before jumping straight into a quite serious relationship in the course of a month. Even though they met when they were younger it wasn’t as if they were ever friends.  Just a tad too insta-lovey for me personally!

⭐️3/5 Cute, fun, didn’t blow me away by any means!

Winterwood Review

*Spoilers Below*

43822698This book is about a girl named Nora Walker who comes from a long line of Walker women who are rumoured to be witches. They have always lived on the edge of a haunted wood named the Winterwood that only Walker woman can traverse as finders of the mysterious objects that’s appear there.

I absolutely loved the overall premise and atmosphere of this book. I think it is definitely one of Shea Ernshaw’s strengths in her writing, I felt like I was actually there on the mountain experiencing the freezing cold along with Nora.

The history of the Walker women was super fascinating and I absolutely loved the fact that we got inserts from their history and their recipes they’ve come up with over the years. It added much needed depth and a sense of history that really reinforced the whimsical nature of these women and how each of their stories impacted Nora throughout the plot.

Nora at times I thought was a little naïve and unprepared for the situations that she walked into. Going to that party and trying to confront those boys and ending up stranded and locked in the room unable to help herself was a little frustrating at times. She definitely had the best intentions, especially when they built the fire too close to the trees, but she lacked a bit of assertiveness. Even when she was leading them to the Winterwood even though she knew they shouldn’t go in there she didn’t really do anything to prevent the situation.

The romance was a little too insta-lovey for me as well. They didn’t really know each other for that long and the fact that this girl literally went back in time to save him demonstrating how much she loved him was a tad much for me to be really convinced. If they had maybe spent a little more time together and actually cultivated a relationship I would be more inclined to believe it.

Other than that I was swept away into the story line and I just kind of enjoyed myself. The few plot twists that were thrown in there were entertaining, a few I predicted a mile away and others, especially Nora’s magical ability I didn’t see coming at all!

⭐️4/5 stars A quick, fun, kind of spooky, ominous read!

Storm Front Review

47212._SY475_Really enjoyed this!!!

This book is the first of a series called the Dresdan Files that has 15 books in total with another 2 being released in the near future! It revolves around a wizarding detective called Harry Dresdan in modern day Chicago and the antics he gets up to helping the police with any supernatural crimes.

This is really a cult classic that I had actually never heard of until quite recently. I’ve been trying to delve a little deeper into the fantasy genre and get around to reading some of these series that have been out and beloved by the masses. So I went into this book with my expectations quite high, and was pleasantly surprised.

Harry is one the most likeable characters ever! There is something about that him that immediately endeared him to me and I was very much attached to him right from the start. He has that leap without looking mentality which I really enjoy in our main protagonists; it makes them more spontaneous and natural in a way, more realistic. I can’t wait to find out more about his background and his education with his previous master and how that deteriorated in the books to come.

The way his two seemingly unrelated cases were entangled together and the way he uncovered the truth through his reasoning’s was highly entertaining. I had no idea what direction that plot was going to go in next and given his unpredictability I was enthralled right from the start. They way that information regarding magic and their rules and regulations was presented made sense and wasn’t overwhelming in any way.

It wasn’t the most sophisticated fantasy novel that I have ever read but it didn’t have to be. It was pure adrenaline, fast paced action with a couple of cool fighting scenes. I’ve heard Harry Dresdan is quite the gunslinger in the series and that wasn’t really highlighted at all in this book so again I’m just excited to find about more about his character and what he will get up to in the series to come!

⭐️4/5 stars it felt like an episode of Law and Order with a fantastical twist!

A Winter’s Promise Review

40969531._SX318_Better than I was expecting!

This book is about a girl called Beatrice who is able to read inanimate objects and travel through mirrors. She can trace the origins of the object and is able to glean the owner’s thoughts at the time of touching the object.

Beatrice is one of those main protagonists who doesn’t see herself as special and would describe herself as scraggly and ugly. She doesn’t have much self-confidence, is timid and at the start just succumbs to the rules and regulations set forth by her and Thorn’s family. Usually when we have female main protagonists like this I end up hating them and becoming disinterested in the story but because the plot line was so compelling I was still very much engaged. She does show some growth over the course of the story line and develops a little more of a backbone, demanding answers and figuring out what was actually happening.

Thorn we didn’t see enough of in the book in my opinion. I was very interested in his character, especially his broodiness, which just appeals to me. Gradually we find out a little more about him and his background, why he is estranged from the rest of the Dragon clan. The twist at the end where Beatrice finds out he’s actually the one calling the shots confused me at first but as his plans become clear it does make sense.  I’m hoping he is a little more present in the next book. The banter between him and Beatrice was entertaining and I am starting to see a connection between the two of them, I’m interested to see how that progresses.

I loved the premise of the book; I found it highly unique and fresh. The world building could have been a little more developed; I was a little confused about the whole ark situation and what kind of world they are actually in. I would love a bit more history and origins of the different clans. I definitely want to find out more about what spurred the animosity between the different clans and how the heads of the families came to be! The magic system is what really grabbed my attention within the novel. How each of the different clans specialises in something and how that speciality manifests uniquely in each person. 

⭐️4/5 I’m intrigued, engaged and want to know more!

A Little Life Review


22822858._SY475_A Little Life revolves around four classmates from a small Massachusetts college who move to New York to make their way; they’re broke, adrift, and buoyed only by their friendship and ambition.

This book is a lot. You really have to be in the right frame of mind when going into it because it is heavy and it is at times difficult to read. I would definitely look into any trigger warnings before starting this book! I am not a reader who has any problem reading heavier themes and tones within books and I don’t get triggered by any content I read but I can definitely see how this book could affect someone who does.

Jude bless him broke my heart in this book. I’ve heard quite a number of people describe his story as torture porn and they are just unable to fathom how so much abuse and trauma one person could endure in their lifetime and in reality people go through these things every day. I think Hanya Yanigahara did an excellent job thoroughly developing Jude’s character and showing the reader how he has managed to cope after suffering for so many years and the hold that these memories have over his life. I in no way can relate to anything that he has endured but the fact that he did make something of himself and the way he touched so many people’s lives and developed all these friendships was inspiring to read.

Willem was one of my favourite characters. At times I felt like he found himself quite helpless to Jude’s suffering but the fact that he was always a constant in his life was a reassurance in of itself. He had his own demons that he has had to deal with after his brother’s death and struggling to secure any acting gigs after college, second guessing himself and having doubts before eventually going on to find fame. The one thing I loved about him was that he never changed after becoming famous; he remained humble and loyal and was a great friend to everyone around him.

It was quite a slow burn of a book. The first third was really all about developing the many characters we are introduced to and establishing their relationships. Each character served a purpose and had a high impact on the story and Jude’s life. JB and Malcolm were a nice contrast to Jude and Willem, they were quite rambunctious and lively as opposed the seriousness the other two evoke. I loved the underlying theme of friendship and loyalty and they display that various times throughout the novel.

I was unsure of my feelings after finishing the book. I had just gone on this rollercoaster ride of emotions and there were many scenes that left me in tears yet it felt like we had come full circle. I don’t think after Willem’s death that Jude would be able to survive and I found it quite admirable that he was able to continue on for so long after that. I definitely think Andy, Harold and Julie did the best they could given the circumstances and had they not been in Jude’s life he wouldn’t have made it as far as he did.

⭐️5/5 stars one of the most heartbreaking, emotional books I’ve ever read!