✨Grishaverse Reread✨

This book was the ending this series deserved. Granted there were a few things I was annoyed about but overall I was left feeling very content with the ending and how everything played out. Similar to the last book it was just a lot of preparing and plotting for this inevitable last fight with the Darkling and then once we got there it was rushed in like the last 50 pages. We are definitely given a lot of answers to questions that have been circulating for the duration of the series and the Darkling and Baghra were at the forefront of most of them. I liked the way we learnt about Baghra’s history and how Allina put two and two together but still ended up being wrong. There was some nice twists that I had forgotten about for the most part but overall the pacing was just a bit off.

✨Grishaverse Reread✨

I found myself getting annoyed throughout this reread of Siege and Storm. I think I remember this middle book being my least favourite out of the three but I had to kind of like pull my teeth to finish. Even though this was a relatively quick read it felt like the middle section where it was just a lot of the preparing for the inevitable war with the Darkling felt like it was going on forever. Nothing was really happening other than the ongoing miscommunication between Mal and Alina. If there’s one thing I hate the most when conflict comes up between love interests its miscommunication because its honestly the easiest to fix. I was very much on Mal’s side for the majority of the read and his justifications for why he was pushing Alina away made sense (though the drinking and hooking up with the girl Alina can’t stand wasn’t great). I am not that big a fan of Nikolai though, he felt pretentious to me. He used Alina for his own narrative in claiming the throne, even though he may be the right person for it. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just be friends with Alina, why did he have to take it to that level when he knew she was struggling with her feelings for Mal. Overall wasn’t my favourite, still felt nostalgic to me though and I appreciated my reread for sure!

✨Grishaverse Reread✨

I really enjoyed my reread of Shadow and Bone, I couldn’t really believe how short the book actually was and how quickly the plot unfolded. The only thing I am really missing is some more of the history of the Grisha’s and the different kinds. We get a little bit of an explanation but not enough for me to completely understand. It has been about 4/5 years now since I’ve read these books so I’ve forgotten a lot and I wasn’t given a lot to work with here. I think it’s easy to fall for the Darkling and I am still lowkey a stan but his shift when I first read these books really took me by surprise and I was here for it for sure! It’s a little unrealistic how quickly Alina believes Baghra but other than that I really enjoyed this book. Not quite a 5 star even though the nostalgia was high but this was thrilling, entertaining and everything I love about fantasy books!

Thrift Store Haul

I had to share my recent accumulation of books that I have purchased from various thrift stores in February and March! I spent maybe $25 on all of these books total which is wild to me. I’ve been finding lately books have gotten so much more expensive so this is a great way to add to my collection without breaking the bank. This is a mixture of books I have already read but don’t own and books I’ve heard about and want to get to some time in the near future!

Grishaverse Reread

Sooo I said I was going to be rereading the Stormlight Archives so I can finally get to Rhythm of War but I feel like I’m not really in any kind of rush to read it until the 5th book comes out as that will be the finale of the current storyline I believe. So once that books release is announced then I will start my reread. But for right now I kind of want to dive back into the Grishaverse. I haven’t read Rule of Wolves yet simply because I’m had a hard enough time remembering all of the characters for King of Scars and it’s been nearly two years so I have no chance right now. So I want to start with the original Shadow and Bony trilogy and I will just continue on from there until I get to Rule of Wolves and be refreshed and back up to date! I also haven’t watched the TV show yet so I think that will be a nice treat at the end of my reread.