✨Grishaverse Completion✨

I am so beyond excited to say that I have finally completed all of the Grishaverse. I have to acknowledge that this last duology was released at a time when my interest in the Grishaverse was waning a little bit and I think that might of had an impact on my reading experience. I think making myself reread the whole series was the only way that I would force myself to finally complete the King of Scars duology. Going to all the effort of reading the other five books and then not finishing it off wasn’t an option so I’m thankful I made myself do it. Had these books been released straight after the Six of Crows duology I think my overall thoughts and rating would be a lot higher however at this time in my life they were just ok. This last book in particular we are given so many answers to questions that were brought about from the original Grisha trilogy and I like the fact that everything has kind of circled back around but I also wanted something new and exciting. A lot of this book was still a lot of strategizing and not enough action, that last battle felt rushed and the way the book wrapped up wasn’t my favourite. There were definitely a few twists that I didn’t see coming and were surprising but they were just too far and few between for me. Overall this was a 2.5 to a 3 star but I think overall for the whole Grishaverse it is definitely a 4 star that I would highly recommend to any and everyone!

✨Grishaverse Reread✨

I finally finished my reread of King of Scars and I am a bit ambivalent to be honest. I don’t know if it’s because I am in the midst of a reading slump or this duology just isn’t my cup of tea. Nikolai has never been a favourite character of mine and being that the majority of the book surrounds him and the political plight he is having to pull Ravka out of just isn’t gelling with me. I liked that we got more of an in depth look into Zoya’s character and the reasoning behind some of her decisions from the Shadow and Bone series. The second time around I can see the rumblings of a romance between her and Nikolai that I thought was just fun banter the first time I read this and I kind of don’t want that to eventuate but we shall see. I loved Nina’s character from the Six of Crows duology and her perspective really got me through this book. I was intrigued, the stakes were high and I liked the introduction of Hanne and the surprise twist of who her father is. My rating has definitely gone down from the first time I read this book, I think I rated it a 4 but I’m more inclined to a 2.5 though I might round it up to 3 for nostalgia purposes. This was my last reread of the Grishaverse, I haven’t read Rule of Wolves before and I am so excited to see how this book wraps up this duology and the universe as a whole.

Library Haul

This month’s library haul is quite exciting! There are a few titles I’ve been highly anticipating and a couple leftover from last month that I am still quite excited to get to.. hopefully I end up actually reading a few of them lol

Audio Books? 🎧

To try and combat my slump I decided to give audio books another try. I’ve always figured that if I try to listen to an audio book whilst I’m doing something else that I wouldn’t actually concentrate on what is being said and miss key points of the book. Another qualm I have with audio books is that I can read the book so much faster with my eyes than what it would take to listen to the whole thing in 2x speed so I could just never justify spending so much time listening to one book. But hey I’m in the middle of a reading slump so listening to one book over the course of a couple days is better than no book at all.

I thought maybe an epic fantasy book would be the way to go as it would just be like listening to a fairy tale and when I thought of epic fantasy I may as well do to the top of the list with The Lord of the Rings. I read the trilogy over 5 years ago now and I found then that Tolkien’s prose is just really hard to process for me. It takes a lot to be able to break down what he is actually saying while I’m reading it physically and it took me so much longer to actually finish than what I would usually.

It took me about 4 days to complete The Fellowship of the Ring on audio but I highly enjoyed the experience! Even at 2x speed I was able to follow along perfectly fine being told the story than reading with my eyes and trying to comprehend. I’m hoping this book and my experience wasn’t a fluke and as I continue on listening to the rest of the series I can determine whether or not audio books are for me.