✨Witchlands Series Reread✨


I think similar to my first experience reading this book it was a great insight to a lot of the lore and historical aspects of the Witchlands and the history of the magic. Even though this was quite short I feel like this book really laid the foundations for the rest of the series. Finding out about Eridyisa and how she was a sightwitch and the doors she created and the 12 paladins was very interesting and I was very much engaged in her diary entries. I wasn’t as engaged with Ryber’s point of view as what I probably should have. Again super interesting seeing all the other sightwitches being called and her having to delve into the mountain on her own to find out the cause. But once she goes down there it was just a little difficult for me to actually envision the whole scenario. I highly appreciated all of the illustrations that were added in, they were illuminating and gave me an idea of what was actually chasing her through the mountain. If this was a full length novel that really went in depth about sightwitches and how Ryber found them and a whole comprehensive storyline I think I would of definitely loved this a lot more than I do now.

✨Witchlands Series Reread✨


Windwitch still maintains the very fast pace that Truthwitch set but it was just that little bit less exciting. The majority of the book is just Safi and Iseult moving further and further away from each other and though they are striving to reunite their circumstances just keep pushing them apart. There is also a good chunck of the book where they are both just travelling through areas, and though we get to see more of the world it’s not very interesting. I still don’t really trust Vaness and though Safi has decided to trust her I can’t help but think that she isn’t going to hold up her side of the bargain. The addition of Vivia’s perspective added another layer of depth to the storyline and was a way to almost challenge Merik’s very one sided view of his sister and what she is doing for their people. Aeduan is still my favourite of all of these characters and I really enjoyed how multifaceted he is. This book overall was entertaining and quick to read, I do feel like it isn’t as thrilling as the first book but it’s definitely building upon the foundation that was laid in Truthwitch and we are discovering so much more about this world and the magic.

Library Update

It’s time for my monthly Library update!! I feel like I’ve been getting better at reading the books that I borrow instead of letting them sit there until I need to return them. Though I have been more in a E-Book reading phase at the moment so it’s been a little bit difficult to pick something up physically and actually read it. However, I am still going to utilise the library and continue to borrow books that have piqued my interest and hopefully read them. I have actually finished one book already that I have borrowed and that is Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir!

Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray Book Launch

I had the pleasure of attending the book launch for Anita Heiss’s latest novel Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray at my local library last night. She spoke of the meaning behind the story and the great flood of Gundagai back in 1852 and the ways in which people can support first nations authors in this country and that is by buying/reading their books! It was a touching event that was dedicated to my late uncle who tragically passed away last year and a few of my family members had the opportunity to get up and do a few readings.


✨Witchlands Series Reread✨

I am so very behind on my reread of this series but I have just completed the first book Truthwitch today which is actually the release day for Witchshadow coincidentally. I was supposed to have already finished and reread the series so I can pick up Witchshadow straight away but alas that did not occur. I did however, have such a fun time being back in this world and reunited with Iseult and Safi again. Similar to my first reading experience with this book it just jumps straight into the action and it takes me a little while to be accustomed to the writing style. I love the build up of the world and learning about the different realms and the truce. The differences between the different nations and how delicate the peace truce is and just how everyone is waiting for it to dissolve. There are a lot of characters and titles thrown at us as well which again took me a while to wrap my head around again as it’s been a while since I read this series. I highly enjoyed my reread though and I am definitely going to try and continue on with Windwitch as soon as possible!