Magic Study Review

*Beware of Spoilers*

grfsbhfdasI am so pleased!

I had pretty high expectations for Magic Study after I finished Poison Study early last month and this book just completely surpassed them! Action, plots, love triangles, magic development, world broadening, background into Yelena’s life, everything was so well done!

Magic Study continues straight on in the storyline with Irys leading Yelena back to her family compound in Ixia to reunite with her parents. Unbeknownst to Yelena she is first introduced to an older brother Leif she didn’t know she had and he’s quick to dismiss her as a Sitian spy.

I just love Yelena as a character. She’s resilient, strong and empathetic and passionate. She puts others before herself and she will really stop at nothing to accomplish an impossible task. I liked the introduction of Cahil I found him to be quite likeable and sympathetic at the start of the story, being the lost prince of Ixia with no real title or power in the council, struggling to gain support to take back his homeland that was stripped from him for all of his life. Then to have him completely switch at the end and turn into a petulant, arrogant, jealous man hell-bent on destroying Yelena and Valek’s life was really entertaining to read. I liked the relationship Yelena shares with Irys and how that developed and deepened throughout the storyline as well. Irys is like a second mother to Yelena and her guidance and no-nonsense attitude really compliments Yelena’s flighty, spur of the moment approach well. I also loved the Moon-man and the Sandseed tribe as a whole; I thought they brought a very different and mystical side of the clans that we have not yet seen. They introduced a lot of the lore that surrounds Ixia and really expanded on the magical elements. I am so glad that Valek makes a brief appearance at the end right before the climax of the novel and how he aids Yelena and lends her his strength. Their reunion was just what I needed at that stage of the plot!

The storyline was fantastic. Very fast paced and engaging I found myself engrossed in the book from the start. I like the way Maria handled the topic of sexual violence as well. It wasn’t shrugged off without a discussion or repercussions made surrounding the incident.

⭐️4.5 stars captivating, character driven and super entertaining, can’t wait to continue on with Fire Study and see what else Maria V Snyder has up her sleeve!