Lunar Chronicles

IMG_1717Yay, I am going to be continuing on in the Lunar Chronicles over the next few weeks. I read Cinder last week and absolutely LOVED it! So I am hyped to move right along through to Scarlett, Cress and Winter. Again the premise of these books are really interesting a sci-fi/fantasy retelling of classic fairytale stories is so original and compelling in my opinion. Cinder is an amazing character and Kai is in such a dilemma as the new Emperor and I really can not wait to see where Marissa takes these stories next and of course I will be getting back to you with full in depth reviews. If its a first book in the series or a stand alone I really kind of try to do non-spoiler reviews but for the rest of the books in a series I do like to go a bit more in depth with the reviews and go in to storylines, and sub-plots and character arcs and really give my overall opinion on the series. So if you don’t want to be spoiled maybe give these reviews a miss, totally up to you!

Happy Reading๐Ÿ“š