Gemina Review

*No Spoilers*

9781780749815_1This. Was. Amazing.

I am completely enthralled by this series so far! I loved Illuminae so much it was so different to anything I had ever read and the storyline was super entertaining and somehow Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have been able to step it up another notch with Gemina. I feel like it has catapulted the plot to another level that I wasn’t expecting at all!

We follow two fresh perspectives of Hanna and Vik. Hanna is the daughter of the Heimdall station commander and Vik is the son of a highly known crime family. They meet under nefarious circumstances, as Vik is Hanna’s dealer of recreational drugs that are semi-popular on the station. Hanna’s boyfriend Jackson is one of the workers under her father and he isn’t that fond of Vik and vice-versa. The plot picks up as the Alexander is making its way towards the Heimdall station so they can publicize the attack of the Kerenza camp and BeiTech want to completely destroy all evidence of this. So BeiTech send an “audit team” to Heimdall station to stop this from happening.

I really loved Hanna and Vik as our protagonists in Gemina. Hanna has wanted for nothing in her life, her father has provided for her and taught her how to protect herself and ingrained in her a thorough knowledge of political and military strategies. She has moved around from station to station a lot and is completely capable on her own. Vik has grown up in the criminal world, with street smarts and deep rooted ideals of loyalty and family honor. The contrast of the two makes for an entertaining and fun read.

Again there is soooo much happening is such a short period of time in this book but because I had become accustomed to the style from Gemina I definitely enjoyed the experience a lot more this time around. The plot unfolded super quickly and the stakes just kept getting higher and higher as it progressed. I literally could not put the book down until I finished it. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole story and it kept me guessing right from the start. I had no idea where the story was going to go and what was going to happen next and I loved it! There are so many plot twists and action scenes and high intensity moments that I enjoyed so much.

I know it looks intimidating to start but its actually a very fast paced, action packed, emotionally charged story that you fly through.

⭐️4.5/5 stars I’m picking up Obsidio and starting it ASAP!