Auto Buy Authors

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt is auto buy authors! These are a list of authors that I have loved all the books I have read of theirs so far and would definitely continue to purchase/read anything that they come out with in the future!

So these are my 10 auto buy authors with a few of their books I have read:

Leigh Bardugo


Sarah J Maas


Brandon Sanderson


Cinda Williams Chima


Jay Kristoff

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Marissa Meyer


Dan Brown


V.E. Schwab


Sally Thorne


Adrienne Young


From Lukov with Love Review

38326753._SY475_This was a totally spur of the moment pick up for me. I’ve still been feeling a little funky in terms of my reading so I’ve been picking up a lot of romance to try to remedy that because its just so easy and entertaining to read. So when I saw a few different reviews for this book pop up in some recent booktube videos I decided to give it a go and actually loved it!

We follow the story of Jasmine who is a hardcore figure skater who was recently dumped by her skating partner. She hasn’t been able to find a new partner since so she is unable to compete. She has been training at the same complex as Ivan Lukov who is the reigning national champion, a 2 time gold medalist and is known as being the best figure skater in the world at the moment. Jasmine and Ivan cannot stand each other and since Ivan’s partner has bowed out for the season Jasmine is the only one good enough to step up.

The hate to love trope is my absolute favourite in romance novels and this book did so well in building up the sexual tension throughout the course of the storyline. The chemistry between these two from the start was palpable and I loved that it delved a lot more deeper into their backgrounds than what I was anticipating.

Jasmine’s candour really pulled me into the book. There’s just something about characters swearing in books that really endears me to them (lol). I just feel like that’s exactly how I would react in the same situation. As someone who swears a lot it make the book feel more realistic to me, which made me appreciate the story even more. I liked the fact that she is really trying to balance her life and not just have it be all about skating. The gradual arc of her character was very well done and she really had to overcome a lot of situations before she could really accept herself. I especially liked that she noticed how she has treated her family in the past and has tried to rectify the situation by being more involved and aware of everyone and their feelings.

Ivan at the start I thought was a little too good to be true being handsome, rich and the best figure skater in the world. I think his cocky attitude mixed with all the hard work we see him put in to being the best helped to ease my concerns about him as a character. Once we started to learn more about him and penetrate that guard he always has up and see some of the more emotional scenes he has with Jasmine and he finally shows how much he cares about her is when I started to fall under his spell! OMG after he made that speech to Jasmine’s father I was sold!

I highly enjoyed my read of this book. I think I picked it up at exactly the right time and I think it definitely helped me get around this slumpy feeling I’ve been having! I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed this book and it just left me with some happy feels!

⭐️5/5 stars Caught me by surprise and made me shed a tear!

A Little Slumpy??? 🤷🏾‍♀️

IMG_4163I think I am on the cusp of a reading slump!! It’s already the 10th July and so far I have only completed 3 books, one of which was a novella … usually at this time of the month I’ve already read around 6-8 books and am itching to continue on and read something else but I’m just not in the mood at the moment. Coming off that fantastic reading month I had in June I had high hopes to ride that wave into July but no such luck. I started reading the long way to a small angry planet on Monday and as of today I am still only 100 pages in. I am actually really enjoying the storyline so far but I don’t have that drive to pick the book up and actually finish. I don’t know if I should just start something else that’s maybe a little more fast paced or try to push through? I’ve had this kind of situation happen before and I ended up not reading anything for close to a month and I definitely don’t want that to happen again! There’s just too many books on my TBR that I’ve been looking forward to reading, I don’t have time for a reading slump.. I think I might try some of my other options that I have on hand and try to kick start my reading drive again!

Happy Reading 📚


Pokemon Book Tag (Gotta Read Em All)

I’ve always loved Pokémon! Every time a new game comes out I have to buy it. My nephew just recently got very invested in Pokémon cards which I was low-key proud of, and I took him to watch Detective Pikachu which is now his favourite movie EVER! So when I saw this tag I knew I had to give it a go!

normalFavourite Contemporary

Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia


firea hot fire romance

Fix Her Up by Tessa Gray


watera flowing, easy to read book

Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins


electrica book that kept you buzzing long after finishing

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


grassyour favourite first book in a series

There’s too many …. from my recent reads I would have to say

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence


icecold as ice character(s) Continue reading “Pokemon Book Tag (Gotta Read Em All)”