From Lukov with Love Review

38326753._SY475_This was a totally spur of the moment pick up for me. I’ve still been feeling a little funky in terms of my reading so I’ve been picking up a lot of romance to try to remedy that because its just so easy and entertaining to read. So when I saw a few different reviews for this book pop up in some recent booktube videos I decided to give it a go and actually loved it!

We follow the story of Jasmine who is a hardcore figure skater who was recently dumped by her skating partner. She hasn’t been able to find a new partner since so she is unable to compete. She has been training at the same complex as Ivan Lukov who is the reigning national champion, a 2 time gold medalist and is known as being the best figure skater in the world at the moment. Jasmine and Ivan cannot stand each other and since Ivan’s partner has bowed out for the season Jasmine is the only one good enough to step up.

The hate to love trope is my absolute favourite in romance novels and this book did so well in building up the sexual tension throughout the course of the storyline. The chemistry between these two from the start was palpable and I loved that it delved a lot more deeper into their backgrounds than what I was anticipating.

Jasmine’s candour really pulled me into the book. There’s just something about characters swearing in books that really endears me to them (lol). I just feel like that’s exactly how I would react in the same situation. As someone who swears a lot it make the book feel more realistic to me, which made me appreciate the story even more. I liked the fact that she is really trying to balance her life and not just have it be all about skating. The gradual arc of her character was very well done and she really had to overcome a lot of situations before she could really accept herself. I especially liked that she noticed how she has treated her family in the past and has tried to rectify the situation by being more involved and aware of everyone and their feelings.

Ivan at the start I thought was a little too good to be true being handsome, rich and the best figure skater in the world. I think his cocky attitude mixed with all the hard work we see him put in to being the best helped to ease my concerns about him as a character. Once we started to learn more about him and penetrate that guard he always has up and see some of the more emotional scenes he has with Jasmine and he finally shows how much he cares about her is when I started to fall under his spell! OMG after he made that speech to Jasmine’s father I was sold!

I highly enjoyed my read of this book. I think I picked it up at exactly the right time and I think it definitely helped me get around this slumpy feeling I’ve been having! I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed this book and it just left me with some happy feels!

⭐️5/5 stars Caught me by surprise and made me shed a tear!

Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating Review


This was my second foray into Christina Lauren’s work and I was pleasantly surprised. Because I had loved The Unhoneymooners so much I tried not to set my expectations too high because I didn’t want to be disappointed but I really loved this read!

Hazel and Josh went to college together and though they never dated Josh sure got an eyeful of Hazel when he walked in on her with one of his room-mates. She also puked on his shoes and wrote him a confession via email when she was high on medication after having her wisdom teeth out. Ten years later life throws them back together and they try their absolute best to not end up with each other!

I really vibed with Hazel’s character. I loved her spontaneous nature and her willingness to just be herself and not care what other people think. But at the same time she was aware of the fact that maybe some people might not be able to understand her or tolerate her behaviour without being embarrassed. Her arc was subtle but still important in the context of the story. She distanced herself from potential partners for so long because of her personality, especially when she reunited with Tyler; she reverted back to how she was making excuses for his remarks and dimming herself. I loved when she finally just told him to go f*ck himself, and decided that she was enough and wouldn’t change herself to be with someone else.

I think Josh contrasted perfectly with Hazel. Their banter especially was super entertaining to read. He came across as quite rigid and reserved at the start of the book. He’s very organised whereas Hazel is like a tornado ripping through everything. I liked how we see him gradually get more comfortable around Hazel especially when they are thrown together so much and he is kind of forced to deal with her. It’s definitely cute to see him try to be standoffish with her but she still worms her way into his life whether he likes it or not.

The book was very fast paced and engaging, I finished it in like one sitting. I liked the diversity in the characters and I think they came across as quite relatable. I don’t think the premise was really all that unique but the execution of the plot was just right for me. I think the ending was a little too perfect in a way, but I was invested enough that I was happy with the outcome!

⭐️5/5 stars I cringed, I laughed, I swooned, all the feels!

Vampire Academy Series Review

91si6wPcRQLI decided instead of doing individual reviews for each book I would combine them all and do a series review! I was immediately sucked in to this series and the storyline and the characters. I started the first book on a Friday and by the next Tuesday I had completed the series, I was that invested!

20522862It was nice to have a different perspective on the whole vampire genre. It is usually quite straightforward from what I’ve read in the past in terms of their powers and how they are turned etc. The fact that Richelle Mead created something that was so different and unique really captured my attention straight away. Having the three species of vampires and having differing was that they are changed and how they reproduce added a lot of depth to the books.

8891878The characters had the perfect amount of angst that I wasn’t too annoyed by. They weren’t the most complex cast of characters that I’ve read about but there was enough distinction between them that kept me eager to read on.

8900186Rose didn’t really show any growth throughout the books in terms of her demeanour or attitude, she stayed pretty consistent throughout; though that didn’t really bother me because she brought a lot of unpredictability and entertainment to the storyline. She acted and reacted very true to her age and I appreciated that, she read as a 17 year old and that’s why I liked her so much.

8181181Lissa’s storyline was very fascinating; it strayed a little too close to the political side of the story which doesn’t really engage me as much as the action. It was nice that the plot went so in depth with the Moroi royal families and their many layers of political manoeuvrings, but again I wasn’t all that interested in that side of the story. She was one character that we did see a change occur throughout the series. I found her to be a little bit pretentious and entitled in the first few books, but you really get a feel of how much she appreciated Rose and her friends in her rise.

9797582As I was making my way through the series there was definitely times when I could predict exactly what was going to happen and usually that annoys me, but this time I was actually ok with it because it made sense.  The progression between each book was purposeful and each book was easy to differentiate. Sometimes when I read a series quite quickly all of the books can kind of blend together and I can have trouble picking out which event happened in which book. With this I had no such trouble, I was invested enough that when I finished one book I wanted to immediately pick up the next and did. I can see now why so many people love and recommend this series; I just wish I had read it sooner!

Vampire Academy – ⭐️5/5 stars  | Frost Bite – ⭐️4/5 stars  |  Shadow Kiss – ⭐️4/5 stars

Blood Promise – ⭐️4/5 stars  |  Spirit Bound – ⭐️5/5 stars  |  Last Sacrifice – ⭐️5/5 stars


Ready Player One Review


8d117c8c-2523-43da-adbf-cbab1c56ad67I LOVED this book!

Ready Player One revolves around a virtual reality world called Oasis. Created by a tech mastermind James Halliday who died and left his vast fortunes to whoever could solve the mystery that he embedded within Oasis. He left hidden Easter eggs, obscure riddles and puzzles revolving around pop culture in the 80’s which was the creator’s favourite decade. No one has come close until Wade Watts stumbles upon the first clue and his name skyrockets to first on the leader board.

Everything about the premise fascinates me. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi naturally and I had been meaning to pick this book up for AGES until finally I bit the bullet and gave it a read and became obsessed!

I really enjoyed the banter between Wade and Aech and their camaraderie over their quest to find the Egg. I liked that they naturally started to drift apart once the race was really on to figure where the next key and gate are. The introduction of Art3mis I didn’t enjoy at the start. The years of dedication that Wade put in just to have his hunt derailed by a girl I thought was a little unrealistic. Though it didn’t really impact the end result and Art3mis is a very significant character in the overall plot, their relationship bugged me a little.

I thought the addition of the IOI really upped the stakes and gave the whole mission a deeper meaning. Trying to keep OASIS free from a corporate takeover and substantial fees that would be attached not allowing everyday people to be able to continue to utilise the world. I loved that Wade held on to his integrity and rejected their offer that would have set him up for the remainder of his life.

All of the pop culture references were super fun and to see them integrated into a futuristic setting was really engaging for me. The plot was very fast paced and action packed and was highly unpredictable!

There’s just something about the setting that I loved in this book. The virtual reality world and how it contrasts to their actual reality. The world building in particular when it came to OASIS was spectacular and I really enjoyed every minute of this book!

⭐️5/5 Amazing!!

Little Fires Everywhere Review


34273236Little Fires Everywhere is about the Richardson family and how from the surface they look like the quintessential family but when you delve a little deeper it seems that looks aren’t everything.

I really, really enjoyed this book. I honestly found it a little bit tedious at the start, sure the fire was a compelling introduction to the story but the plot took a little while to get established for me. But let me just say that the way that Celeste Ng wove the story together left me in awe!

I love that each family member really got a time to shine and develop within the book. Except for maybe Mr. Richardson who isn’t that big of an influence to the overall plot, though he still does have his moments. I would have to say that Izzy is probably my favourite of the Richardson’s. We don’t see a lot of her for like three quarters of the book; she is just painted by her family members as the weird, crazy one without an explanation as to why. But, when we finally did get to explore her background and the reasoning’s behind the way that she acts I was impressed. Even though she is only 15 she has a clear sense of right and wrong and isn’t afraid to call her family out on their skewed point of view. She understands how privileged she is but doesn’t accept that her privilege makes her better than anyone else.

Mia was definitely the most intriguing character for me though. Again we don’t get a lot of prior information about her and why she chose to move around so much with Pearl and why they decided to settle down in Shaker Heights. I like how compassionate and empathetic she is, especially after Lexie’s abortion and helping Bebe with her case. I loved finding out about her history with her family and Pauline Hawthorne and the Ryan’s.

Bebe’s case and how it eventuated was a plot line that I honestly didn’t see coming but it fit perfectly in the scope of the book. It was a way to show exactly the type of people that these characters are and the ethical and moral conversation that it starts was enlightening.

This book was a journey from start to finish. There wasn’t really one main focus to the story, it was all of the characters revolving around each other and seeing how they intersect and how based on one decision or action everything can completely change. The way that everything unfolded first with the fire and then backtracking and explaining the family dynamics and weaving all the differing storylines together was beautiful!

⭐️4.5/5 A slow burner!