Blood Heir Review

Anastacya Mikhailov is the crown princess of the Cyrilian Empire and is one of the Affinities; gifted with abilities to control the world around them which are deemed unnatural and dangerous in their society. Ana’s affinity is one of the deadliest and most abhorred the ability to control blood.

Ana is one of those female protagonists that acts without thinking and lets her emotions get the better of her, which really annoys me. If she would have just stopped and thought about the consequences of her actions there wouldn’t have been as many obstacles for her to manoeuvre around in order to find who she was looking for. She has definitely had a lot of trials in her life but she has also a bit unrelatable because up until a year ago she was a princess. I did appreciate how she became aware of everything that is going wrong in the empire and how affinities are being treated and forced into slavery.

I really enjoyed Ramson’s character. I liked that we actually got a lot of his background and how he came to be in Cyrilia. There is a reason behind why he has made some of the choices in his life and we see the repercussions of his decisions continue to affect him now. It was obvious to me that he would end up with feelings for Ana but it was gradual and made sense in the context of the story.

I was invested in these characters right away and wanted to find out what was going to happen next. The pace was just a little up and down and pulled me out of the story a little bit. I appreciated the world building that was included as well, how descriptive the prose was really immersed me into the story line.

I found the plot to be predictable yet still entertaining. I think the spin on the original tale was quite refreshing in this fantastical setting. It was a solid start to a new series and I am left wanting to know more which is always a good sign. I feel there is definitely room for this tale to expand and become even more compelling!

⭐️4/5 stars Pretty much what I was expecting!!

He Started It Review


He started It is about these three siblings whose grandfather has just passed away and in order to receive the inheritance he left for them they need to embark on the road trip they once took when they were all kids.

I liked the premise of the story, I thought it was super original and unlike anything I have ever read before. The build up of anticipation was very well done and the little twists that take place definitely kept me engaged and wanting to read more. I didn’t really know what to expect going into this book but I thought it would be a lot more intense than what it actually was.

Beth I was thinking was going to be a bit of an unreliable narrator, I truly thought at times she was a little bit crazy and as the storyline continued I definitely think she had some mental health issues that she clearly needed to work through. The way she was so obsessed with her sister came across as strange to me. But I guess if I were in her situation I may of ended up in the same boat, especially given the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

The other two siblings I didn’t really form any kind of attachment to. I was definitely intrigued by them and wanted to find out the parts they played in the road trip and why they were all so hesitant in discussing what happened. They all had secrets they were clearly keeping from each other and Beth never really seemed to notice anything that was happening around her in regards to them in particular.

I would of liked to get more of an insight to their grandfather and his mindset throughout the course of the first road trip as well. As the book progressed we do get of sense of the kind of person he was but to get maybe one of two chapters from his perspective right at the end explaining the whys and how’s might of made me more satisfied.

I think overall this was a solid psychological thrilleresque book. I was 100% invested from the start and wanted to figure out what was happening and I definitely didn’t predict any of the twists and turns. I just thought the ending could of been a little stronger! We got so many interesting, weird things happening throughout and the explanation and reasons behind the whole thing was mundane and boring. Shocking, but boring nevertheless.

⭐️3/5 stars Immersive but in the end fell a bit flat!

The Memory of Babel Review

The Memory of Babel continues about two and a half years after the events of The Missing of Clairedelune. Ophelia has spent her time on Anima trying to research and waiting to hear from Thorn. When Archibald turns up and offers her the chance to go back to the Pole, Ophelia makes the decision to go find some answers on her own.

I think in this edition of the series Ophelia really wants to be seen as an adult and not some child that doesn’t know what she’s doing. The fact that she embarks on the apprenticeship when she gets to Babel even though it pushes her right to her breaking point really shows how much she has evolved over the course of the series. I just wish she would of asserted herself a bit more and didn’t let people get under her skin so much.

Thorn I struggled a little bit with in this book. He is incredibly cold and standoffish when he is reunited with Ophelia and even though he did finally expressed his feelings to her he doesn’t display it. For the majority he is present in the book I get the feeling that he didn’t even miss her at all and the way he spoke to her didn’t really give her cause to express her feelings back to him. He only really opens back up to her after she bears her soul to him and then we finally get some concrete answers to what’s actually going on.

Babel was a completely different setting to the previous Arcs. It definitely made me more invested in the book as I was eager to find out about what prompted Ophelia to come here. We are introduced to a lot of new characters and I appreciated some of the new friendships that were sparked, mainly Blaine and Augustus. I think they are going to have more focus in the coming book!

I was surprised by the direction this book went in. I genuinely thought this was the last book in this series so throughout the course of the story line I was waiting for all the plot points to come together and make sense but it seems as we were getting some answers more questions were popping up. There were certain twists that I predicted from the start but then there were others that completely took me by surprise.

⭐️4/5 stars A slow build but the end ensnared me once again!

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin Review

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin follows two perspectives Malik and Karina. Karina is hell bent on bringing her mother back from the death after she was assassinated and Malik is trying to kill Karina in order to save his younger sister from an evil spirit who has kidnapped her.

I was really invested in Malik’s storyline right from the start; from his backstory with his sisters and how they came to be in Ziran, to his magical abilities and his journey over the course of the storyline. I loved seeing how he has had to overcome his insecurities and anxiety and step up and do the right thing in order to save Nadia.

Karina was a little unlikeable at the start to be honest. I can understand the situation she is in and the pressure that has been placed on her since the death of her sister, but she came across as whiny and selfish to me. She does evolve and see the error of her ways and kind of comes to terms with the fact that her family are never going to come back but still she just wasn’t a favourite character of mine. It didn’t impede my enjoyment of the story at all, just something I wanted to note.

The world building was great even though we are only in this one city for the majority of the book I can see the potential for growth in the rest of the series. The history of the royal family and the kingdom was very interesting and I definitely want to learn more about Karina’s family and faceless king in the coming books as well. The magic system we didn’t really learn that much about. I am looking forward to Karina and Malik figuring out how to control their powers and trace back to their origins.

I liked the concept of the book I think it is highly original and engaging. The use of the competition kept me highly invested in the plot and eager to find out what was going to happen next.

⭐️3/5 stars Great introduction to the series, I’m looking forward to continuing!!

The Guest List Review

The Guest List is about a wedding between a rising television star and a smart and ambitious magazine publisher on an island off the coast of Ireland where someone turns up dead.

This was my first taste of the who-done-it murder mystery novel and I actually quite enjoyed it. At the start I was left a little confused as we are kind of thrust into the story with a multitude of names and different characters and the relationship between them all.

Honestly I didn’t really care for Will or Jules. I found them both to be very self-absorbed and entitled. But I think that was intentional, I really can’t see anyone finding them likable at all. Which I think was explored throughout the course of the book through the experiences the other characters have with them.

Hannah was probably the most relatable out of all the characters. I enjoyed reading from her perspective and finding out more about her relationship with her husband and Jules. Olivia was very secretive and a cagey at first but as we learn more about her and what she has endured over the last year you can’t help but sympathize with her.

The way the book was formatted with the dual timelines definitely kept me invested and eager to read on to find out who was killed. The reveals were made a precisely the right times in the book as this was a little slower paced and it there were periods where not a whole lot is happening.

I predicted a couple of the little twists that occurred throughout the course of the plot line but the main revelation definitely came as a surprise.

⭐️3/5 stars entertaining.. not exactly mind blowing!