Furyborn Review

34323570Furyborn is a dual perspective novel about Eliana and Rielle; two young women set 1000 years apart that are the focus of an ancient prophecy

Rielle I am a bit ambivalent towards to be completely honest. I wasn’t all that invested in her character even though she was one of the main protagonists. She just came across a little too arrogant and conceited. Yes she has had to overcome a lot of obstacle hiding her powers for so many years and having to deal with the guilt of her mother’s death, but there was just something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. I think it has to do with letting Corien into her mind so easily, especially after finding out what he was and still perpetuating his attachment to her.

Eliana was frustrating at times as well. Again I can understand why she chose to be the assassin of the empire for so many years but when she tried to betray the resistance and almost murder those 300ish people for her own selfish reasons it really soured her for me. She does redeem herself though and sees the error of her ways, but I just wish she was a little more open to those around her and wasn’t so closed off and snappish all the time.

Simon definitely intrigues me the most! What happened when he let go of the thread at the start and how did he come to be under the employ of the emperor? Broody, secretive, sullen male protagonists are a crutch for me, I guess I give them a bit more leeway than female protagonists who have the same characteristics but that’s just me…

Even though our two female protagonists got on my nerves it didn’t take away from the story at all. Every character really has that morally grey, ambiguous nature where you don’t really know what side they are truly on. It raises the stakes consistently and maintains a level of unpredictability throughout the course of the story line.

I loved the dual timeline and seeing how the world differs between the two. I am very much invested in the story and want to find out more about what happened during that two year window between Rielle, Audric and Corien. The world building was wonderful, the juxtaposition between the two countries and how the perception of magic has changed over time.

⭐️4/5 stars I was invested from the start!

Fool Moon Review

91477Fool Moon is the second book in the Dresden Files; it takes place around 6 months after the first book finished. Harry’s relationship with Detective Murphy has been fractured and he has to gain back her trust, whilst in the middle of a murder investigation involving werewolves.

I liked the fact that Harry has remained pretty consistent throughout the series so far. He openly acknowledges his inadequacies and his fears and is actively trying to remedy them. His leap without looking characteristic is still very much prevalent and again keeps me highly entertained! I think his attitude towards woman can do with a little work but it’s nothing that outwardly offends me. I’m still highly intrigued with his background, especially since we are given just a little more information during the book, just enough to keep me engaged and wanting to know more!

I’m starting to see a pattern of Harry pushing himself to his breaking point, running out of magic or magical weapons and still being able to come back and save the day. Hopefully the narrative evolves a little more and we get a different structure as the series continues, as I can see myself getting a little bored of the predictability of it all.

Again, all of the characters in the book serve a purpose and even if they seem insignificant at the start can become quite integral in the end. We are introduced to a lot of new characters that was a little difficult to keep track of at the start, even towards the end I was struggling to remember who was who and which gang they belonged to.  Because the pacing is so fast we aren’t given a lot of time on character development, it’s pretty much just all about Harry and the couple of other regular characters in the plot.

As the time frame is so short and it was so action packed I was always entertained and eager to read on to see what would happen next. These books are also quite dark and macabre; Jim Butcher has no qualms about blood and gore and really goes into detail about the murders, which definitely raises the stakes! Harry is such an enigmatic character that has me willing to just enjoy all of the action and not really have to focus.

⭐️4/5 A thoroughly entertaining read!

The Guinevere Deception Review

43568394This book is a retelling of the Arthurian legend. Princess Guinevere has come to Camelot to wed the charismatic King Arthur. With magic clawing at the kingdom’s borders, the great wizard Merlin sent in Guinevere his apprentice and daughter to be Arthur’s wife and his protector from those who want to see the young king’s idyllic city fail.

I actually really enjoyed Guinevere’s character. She was quite young and naïve at times, which usually bugs me but it was written in a way that endeared me to her instead. She is very determined and committed to her duties but still comes across and acts like the 16 year old that she is. She displays emotions and understands Arthur’s position yet she still yearns for his attention thus drawing herself closer to Mordred who is giving her what she wants. I think since we aren’t given her true name and identity that she is definitely not who we assume her to be, I’m thinking she has something to do with the River Queen since she is so terrified of water.

Mordred was an interesting character. He is always around and I feel has a lot more focus in this book than even Arthur. He remains quite standoffish and mysterious for the majority of the book yet I was intrigued by him and what his intentions were with Guinevere. Why was he always around her, why didn’t he expose her magic and is his feelings for her true?

Arthur didn’t get a lot of time in this book. Even though he is one of the main protagonists we don’t really get enough of him for me to be quite so invested in his character over the others. I think he definitely should have spent more time with Guinevere and kind of neglected her. I get that he was actually the one who was protecting her in the end but we don’t get enough scenes with the both of them together. I was disappointed when he didn’t go straight after her when she was kidnapped and it felt like it was a too little too late when he did eventually choose her over the kingdom.

The twists were interesting but the first half of the book was a little slower paced and we didn’t really get any answers until the right around the end, and even then there is still so much we don’t know. Hopefully the next book expands more and we are given more context and details!

⭐️3/5 stars good not great, has potential!

Winterwood Review

*Spoilers Below*

43822698This book is about a girl named Nora Walker who comes from a long line of Walker women who are rumoured to be witches. They have always lived on the edge of a haunted wood named the Winterwood that only Walker woman can traverse as finders of the mysterious objects that’s appear there.

I absolutely loved the overall premise and atmosphere of this book. I think it is definitely one of Shea Ernshaw’s strengths in her writing, I felt like I was actually there on the mountain experiencing the freezing cold along with Nora.

The history of the Walker women was super fascinating and I absolutely loved the fact that we got inserts from their history and their recipes they’ve come up with over the years. It added much needed depth and a sense of history that really reinforced the whimsical nature of these women and how each of their stories impacted Nora throughout the plot.

Nora at times I thought was a little naïve and unprepared for the situations that she walked into. Going to that party and trying to confront those boys and ending up stranded and locked in the room unable to help herself was a little frustrating at times. She definitely had the best intentions, especially when they built the fire too close to the trees, but she lacked a bit of assertiveness. Even when she was leading them to the Winterwood even though she knew they shouldn’t go in there she didn’t really do anything to prevent the situation.

The romance was a little too insta-lovey for me as well. They didn’t really know each other for that long and the fact that this girl literally went back in time to save him demonstrating how much she loved him was a tad much for me to be really convinced. If they had maybe spent a little more time together and actually cultivated a relationship I would be more inclined to believe it.

Other than that I was swept away into the story line and I just kind of enjoyed myself. The few plot twists that were thrown in there were entertaining, a few I predicted a mile away and others, especially Nora’s magical ability I didn’t see coming at all!

⭐️4/5 stars A quick, fun, kind of spooky, ominous read!

Storm Front Review

47212._SY475_Really enjoyed this!!!

This book is the first of a series called the Dresdan Files that has 15 books in total with another 2 being released in the near future! It revolves around a wizarding detective called Harry Dresdan in modern day Chicago and the antics he gets up to helping the police with any supernatural crimes.

This is really a cult classic that I had actually never heard of until quite recently. I’ve been trying to delve a little deeper into the fantasy genre and get around to reading some of these series that have been out and beloved by the masses. So I went into this book with my expectations quite high, and was pleasantly surprised.

Harry is one the most likeable characters ever! There is something about that him that immediately endeared him to me and I was very much attached to him right from the start. He has that leap without looking mentality which I really enjoy in our main protagonists; it makes them more spontaneous and natural in a way, more realistic. I can’t wait to find out more about his background and his education with his previous master and how that deteriorated in the books to come.

The way his two seemingly unrelated cases were entangled together and the way he uncovered the truth through his reasoning’s was highly entertaining. I had no idea what direction that plot was going to go in next and given his unpredictability I was enthralled right from the start. They way that information regarding magic and their rules and regulations was presented made sense and wasn’t overwhelming in any way.

It wasn’t the most sophisticated fantasy novel that I have ever read but it didn’t have to be. It was pure adrenaline, fast paced action with a couple of cool fighting scenes. I’ve heard Harry Dresdan is quite the gunslinger in the series and that wasn’t really highlighted at all in this book so again I’m just excited to find about more about his character and what he will get up to in the series to come!

⭐️4/5 stars it felt like an episode of Law and Order with a fantastical twist!