Cress Review

*Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers!*

220px-Cress_(Official_Book_Cover)_by_Marissa_MeyerI can definitely see why the majority of the YA community absolutely loves this series! It’s been an absolute roller coaster ride.

Cinder and Thorn are still on the run however they now have Wolf and Scarlett with them after saving them from the thaumaturge in Paris. They are now all together plotting to overthrow Queen Levanna and stop the royal wedding. Their best bet is the hacker who helped Cinder and revealed the Queen’s evil plan. Cress has been imprisoned and isolated on her satellite in orbit for 7 years now with only her netscreens to keep her company and informed. Finally it seems like her luck is changing and she will finally be rescued by Cinder and her handsome accomplice.

The pace of each of the novels in the Lunar Chronicles continues to grow after each installment. Cress was a whirlwind from start to finish. I like how we are starting to get more of a background of Luna and what life is like there and how different it is from Earth. It has again broadened and added a lot more depth to these books and it starting to weave together the storyline. Cress was another great female protagonist in the book. I like that she brought forth more naivety and innocence that Cinder and Scarlett kind of lack. I like that she has such a wild imagination and is able to use it to her advantage in her times of need. The relationship that springs up between her and Thorn kind of felt a little contrived to begin with, but I have been enraptured! Both of them having to rely on each other throughout their ordeal in the desert and watching as their bond grew closer and how they opened up to each other was so genuine and just plain cute. I definitely ship them! My heart broke for Dr. Erland, I kind of didn’t really enjoy him as much as other characters but I definitely felt he was an integral role in the book and he has helped really pull together this ragtag group of rebels and set them on this course that they are now on.

There is just so much action and plotting and planning and revelations and heartbreaks, it’s almost too much but also not enough. There has just been a continual thread of maneuverings and I can feel the subtle build up of anticipation that I know is about to culminate in the last book of this series.

⭐️4/5 stars entertaining, informative, escalating, Winter is going to be crazy!

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