Scarlett Review

*Spoilers Ahead*

13206760This book was super fast paced, very action packed and it was a great continuation of the storyline.

This book picks up straight after Cinder finishes. We are first introduced to Scarlett Benoit who is on a mission to find her grandmother who has gone missing two weeks earlier. In doing so she comes across a street fighter Wolf who has information on her grandmothers whereabouts. She certainly doesn’t trust him at the start, but there is something about him that draws her to him. As Scarlett gradually works out the mystery behind her grandmother’s disappearance she unravels the mysterious circumstances surrounding her family history and a secret her grandmother has kept from her all her life.

I liked the introduction of Scarlett into the storyline. I thought she brought forth a new fresh perspective to the novel and I was intrigued as to how she was going to fit into the narrative. I thought she was very well developed. She is single-minded, tough and outspoken and I enjoyed her tenacity. Wolf I couldn’t really make heads or tails of him at the start of the book, I again didn’t really know how he fit into the story and whether or not he was necessary as a character (boy was I wrong). Their relationship felt a little forced for me at the start, but it does develop more throughout the story and I appreciate it more after everything that occurs in the Opera and how he rejects his loyalties to save her. There were so many twists and turns and the mystery element of who these characters are and how they fit into Cinder’s backstory really compelled me to read on. I liked Thorne I thought he brought lightheartedness to the storyline where it was starting to get a bit dark and somber. I thought he balances out Cinder’s seriousness well and I enjoyed their banter as they made their escape and fled into the atmosphere. I find Cinder coming into her powers more and grappling with her kind of disgust with them very relatable. She doesn’t want to become like the Queen and mindlessly control the masses she wants to control her powers and maintain her integrity.

As I read on through this series I have found that each book fits together like a puzzle and each plot point and character is another piece sliding into place, it’s very satisfying to read. We are given a lot more information in this book than the first and the world was really expanded and backstories were delved into a bit deeper. We’re starting to get a grasp on Cinder’s life and how that correlates back to Queen Leveanna.

I did enjoy myself whilst reading this book, I thought it propelled the story along nicely and I am eager to continue on in the series and see what happens next.

⭐️4/5 stars highly enjoyed picking up Cress ASAP!

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