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42771754Supernova continues straight off where Archenemies ended. Nova is close to being outed as an Anarchist, especially after stealing Ace’s helmet from Headquarters and she is now desperately trying to figure out a way to rescue Ace from prison before he is administered with Agent N.

I loved the internal struggle that Nova had to deal with. Not knowing where her true allegiances lie and really having to make a decision whether or not she is a true Anarchist or a Renegade. I loved seeing her character evolve over the course of the story and to see her state of mind shift after working with Adrian and the rest of her crew. She is such a unique character who isn’t afraid to be the bad guy in order to do what she thinks is right.

I just find Adrian so wholesome and endearing. He really tries his hardest to be everything that the world expects him to be and I loved how even though all evidence pointed to Nova he still tried to finds a way to prove her innocence. It really showed how loyal he is to his friends!

I thought the pacing of the book was very well done! There was a steady build-up of anticipation and there were various twists and turns and revelations that kept me invested and eager to read on! I wasn’t a fan of the whole fight scene at the end though. It was a little too all over the place for me, but I think it’s a me problem and nothing to do with the book. I just get a little lost when there is a whole lot of action all at once and that’s kind of what happened. I like the betrayal element forcing Nova to choose sides, but ultimately it didn’t matter anyway.

I’m not sure how I feel about how the book ended. I liked how Max played such a key role in this book, I had a feeling since he was the catalyst for defeating Ace last time that he would reprise that same role. It was a little underwhelming to be totally honest but I did still really enjoy the read. I flew through the book and I was highly invested in the characters and the plotline!

⭐️4/5 stars A fitting ending!

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