Five Dark Fates Review

35391237._SY475_After the battle with Katharine the rebellion has fled back to Sunspool to recoup. Jules’s legion curse has been unbound after her mother’s death, leaving her out of her mind. Arsinoe has been keeping her quiet using her poisoner and low magic skills. Mirabella has disappeared and Katharine’s reign over Fennbirn still remains intact but it’s tenuous at best.

I thought all of the character development that occurred throughout the series really shone in this book. Just seeing how different the triplets are from one another yet still there is that undercurrent feeling of love and hope between them. I think that is what Mira is banking on when she ends up abandoning the rebellion and trusting Katharine not to kill her, also why Arsinoe doesn’t want to believe that Mira defected. They say time and time again that it would be easy to kill each other yet when it comes down to that moment they always pause and hesitate. The dead queens are really the ones who do all of the killing, Katharine is merely the vessel that they have been using to further along their plot to take over Fennbirn.

The previous books did such a good job establishing the world and the overall tone of the series that this book just launched straight back into the plot. Even though it has been over a year since I read the last book it was very easy to fall back into this world. The characters are all so distinct and varied and the plot was defined and easy to follow along with. The fantastical elements were incorporated quite organically into the story line and it was very engaging.

I thought the ending was very fitting for the series. I wasn’t able to predict anything that was going to happen and I was left feeling very fulfilled. It definitely didn’t blow me away by any means but I highly enjoyed my experience reading it!

⭐️4/5 stars action packed, fast paced, fitting ending to this series!