Gathering Darkness Review

17342700Gathering Darkness pretty much continues straight from where Rebel Spring ended. Magnus is back at the castle after everything happened at the camp where the rebel forces have been decimated. Jonas is one of the only survivor’s left and Lysandra and three others including her brother Gregory have been captured and are currently in the dungeons awaiting execution. Cleo and Lucia have started to grow closer and everyone has their eyes on the Kraeshian’s Amara and Ashur.

I loved this book. I just felt like we really dug so much deeper and we are definitely rooted into the story. All of the establishing phase of the series I think is done and now its really starting to explore the mythology and build up a lot more intrigue and tension.

I think a lot of the book was centred more around Cleo and her interactions with all of the other characters, but I am absolutely LOVING all of it. The tenuous relationship between Lucia and Cleo is so entertaining. I like that even though it is built on lies they still sort of have a bond together and I think they really would have been great friends if King Gaius hadn’t of killed all of Cleo’s family. I’m still a little on the fence with the whole Cleo, Jonas and Magnus love triangle. I am a hard shipper of Cleo with Magnus, I just love a good hate to love trope and I think this was done perfectly! It was just the right amount of angst, stubbornness and hatred for me to be on board! Jonas I think doesn’t really know who he likes at the moment. I predict that he is going to end up with Lysandra even though he still is pining over Cleo. It just makes sense that he would want to honour Brion and keep Lysandra safe, thus feelings will grow stronger.

OMG I really enjoyed the twist with Nic and Ashur. I thought it was built up just enough and came at exactly the right time in the plot. Everything kind of felt like it was just plodding along steadily and then that really like woke me up and kept me invested enough to finish it off!

Lucia honestly I never really liked from the start and now she starting to get a little self-centred and boring. She seems very selfish and unlikeable to me. I much prefer the underdog in the story like Cleo. Lucia is just a selfish princess who has been given everything in life and just expects to get what she wants. I do like the direction her character seems to be going and I’m invested enough in the story to want to know what she will do next.

⭐️5/5 It just keeps getting better!

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