The Wicked King Review

26032887Similar to my experience reading The Cruel Prince, I just didn’t really gel to this book.

Its five months into Cardan’s reign and Jude has been running the kingdom under the guise of his Seneschal. With Cardan under her command she has complete control over the land and is finding it difficult to manage. Cardan is finding ways to undermine her orders and she has to circumvent many plots against the throne, her life as well as her king’s.

Jude again really got on my nerves in this book. I don’t know what it is about her but I can’t seem to warm to her. I thought she was a lot more thoughtful in her planning and processes in this book, but her lack of modesty in the sense that she feels like she’s untouchable just grates me. Like the fact that she’s warned time again to have a guard with her at all times and she rides off to Madoc’s property by herself and gets ambushed. She is told that someone she trusts has betrayed her by a Fae who cannot lie and all she does is speculate as to who it might be, she doesn’t actively try to pin point who… Little things like that where she thinks she is smarter than everyone else and can do things on her own. I enjoy a strong, powerful female protagonist who doesn’t need a man beside her to help her but Jude is on the other side of the spectrum to the point where I don’t care what happens to her. Every bad decision she makes that results in something bad happening to her I think well she deserved it.

The pace of the book was a little off for me as well. I found the first half of the book to be very slow but it did pick up towards the tail end of the story. Around the last 100 pages or so I did actually enjoy the plot and how things were unraveling but it took too long to get there. There were a few twists in the plot that I liked and piqued my interests, but they were too few and far between to keep me thoroughly entertained and intrigued.

I just think maybe this series isn’t for me right now. If you read The Cruel Prince and liked it you are probably going to really like The Wicked King. I tried The Cruel Prince and thought it was just ok and now I’ve read The Wicked King and again it’s not my cup of tea, I don’t know yet if I’m going to pick up the next book in this series…

⭐️2.75/5 unfortunately this book/series just isn’t for me…

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