Oathbringer Review

91x4fchgt2lThis took me a bit longer to read!

The pacing in this third installment of the Stormlight Archives was a little bit slower I felt. We delved so much deeper into the lore and legends of the Heralds and the Radiants and I feel we are on the cusp of a lot more action and adventure, even though so much has happened already.

I like the internal struggle that Shallan had to deal with over the course of the storyline. Seeing how she has split herself into these different personalities whist shadow-weaving was interesting. I really enjoyed how we kind of see her break and then having to struggle to get a grasp of who she really is. I liked how it manifested physically in her sketches, occasionally only being able to draw crude, rudimentary sketches way below her skill level.

I also really loved Dalinar’s storyline and how it progressed in this book. To see him slowly get his memories back and we find out everything about Evi and what happened to her was very gratifying to read! She has been a mystery for the last two books and I was always intrigued by her and why Dalinar went to see the story-weaver. I loved having those flashbacks to a younger Dalinar and seeing how he differs from present day Dalinar, the comparisons were stark that’s for sure!

Kaladin was once again so entertaining to read. He really encompasses the role of the Radiant, being so honourable and just. Having him go behind the lines of the parshmen’s camp and travel with them and see that their cause is quite justified and going to back to Urithiru and having that same rhetoric of all parshmen are evil reinforced in his mind and then being confronted by both sides at the battle in Kholinar was a profound moment.

I feel in this book Brandon Sanderson has expanded this world so much more than the previous novels. Because of the oathgates we are able to get a glimpse at the different cities and civilisations across Roshar, seeing the differences in the kingdoms, be it their languages, clothing or fighting styles. Also the fact that we got to see a lot more of Shadesmar was very interesting. I loved seeing all the different kinds of spren and how they manifested in their world compared to the physical realm.

Having so many POVs can be a little disorientating, especially since it was a few months since I read Words of Radiance, it took me a minute to get back into the swing of things. But once I did, it was really easy to get lost into this world and see the storyline slowly unravel and reveal itself. I love that some of the minor characters still make a significant impact on the storyline, that really keeps me invested in the plot as I know whatever is happening now is definitely going to have a consequence later on in the series, so you really need to pay attention to every little detail.

 There is sooooo much action, adventure, political manipulations and maneuverings, twists and turns. I would love nothing more than to break down every single plot point in this book but that wouldn’t be practical. I also don’t want to spoil anything so if you haven’t read the Stormlight Archives yet and you are a lover of epic fantasy I 100% recommend this series!

⭐️5/5 stars JUST READ IT!