Nevermoor Review

9780734418074This was fantastic!

We follow the story of 11-year-old Morrigan Crow who has known all of her life that she is cursed, anything bad that happens to anyone around her, she is immediately blamed. With this curse comes the knowledge that on the day of Eventide on her 12th birthday she will die. To her woe Eventide comes a full year early and as Morrigan tries to reconcile that she is to be killed a man shows up proclaiming to be her patron and saves her.

I loved everything about this book. I thought it was so cleverly written, the magic system is intriguing and interesting and the world is very whimsical. The whole premise of the story really enraptured me; I loved the whole process of the trials and the anticipation between each one.

Morrigan was wonderful. The fact that she has accepted that she is a cursed child and has that engrained so much in her mind that she believes that everything bad that’s happening is still her fault is so endearing to me. I like that she second guesses herself so much but when the time comes for her to prove herself she digs deep and trusts her gut.

Jupiter is so enigmatic. I found myself really wanted to discover more about him and his past and how he has come to own the Deucalion and become a member of the Wunder Society. All of his disappearances and adventures fascinated me and seeing how the rest of the society kind of has a respect for him really piqued my interest. I definitely want to know more about him and his knack.

Jack’s character I also quietly enjoyed. I like that he sort of clashed with Morrigan I thought it added some much-needed spark to the storyline. The banter and light competitiveness between them was entertaining. Again I want to learn more about him and what he gets up to at his school, what they learn and who his friends are.

I loved the diverse cast of characters that live at the hotel as well, especially Fen! I found her super relatable in a way and the fact that she’s a basically a giant talking cat is so much fun.

The plot was very fast paced and I was entertained from the first chapter to the last. The premise of the book is so unique and the execution was very well done! The twist at the end was everything that I needed it to be and it really set up the sequel quite nicely as I have an abundance of questions that need answering. I am for sure picking up Wundersmith and I am excited to continue on in this series!

⭐️4.5/5 This was wunderful 😉