Fire Study Review


1966969I am a little disappointed.

I found that I didn’t enjoy Fire Study as much as I did the other books in this series. I didn’t really connect with the storyline and I found myself kind of forcing myself to read it just to finish.

Fire Study continues on pretty much straight after Magic Study concluded. The knowledge that Yelena is a Soulfinder has spread throughout the keep and she has to deal with that new title as well as keep the council at bay as they argue about her fate. The last Soulfinder in Ixia over 150 years ago nearly succeeded in overthrowing the council and taking over the country. That as well as trying to locate the Soulstealer who has escaped the cells with the help of Cahil and trying to track them down before they rendezvous with the Daviaan tribe and wreak havoc upon Ixia once again.

Yelena kind of got on my nerves for most of the middle section of the book. Her constantly second guessing herself and her abilities and pushing everyone she loves away from her for their own benefit without talking or consulting with them really grated me. I just thought that she went about things the wrong way and a lot of the conflict could have been avoided had she sat down with them and explained herself. The way she treated Moon Man I thought was a little disrespectful. He was supposed to be her Storyweaver someone who helps and guides her on her journey, someone I feel she should revere and honor and yet as soon as things get to out of control for her she rebuffs him and chooses to accept Gede as her new Storyweaver. I don’t know, that kind of put me in a place where I was kind of over her at that point and things kind of spiraled from there.

I still thought the action was highly entertaining and the world definitely grew immensely throughout the course of the storyline. We get to see a couple of the different clans of Ixia and how they all differ from each other, which was great to read. I also like how each clan has a different style of clothing and colouring and how they could be distinguished by what they wear, I think that was a nice touch. The cast of characters really expanded as well. Things got a little convoluted and I got a little jumbled with all the characters in the beginning but that dissolved as each character was quite vital to the plot so we delved more into them as it progressed.

All in all it wasn’t my favourite book in the series, mostly due to a lot of Yelena’s actions and justifications. However, everything did kind of come together in the end and in hindsight I can see where Maria V Snyder was going with the story. I guess she was trying to make Yelena a little more human and showcase her insecurities and how she overcomes them, which I guess is quite admirable and makes her more relatable.

⭐️3.5/5 stars not as good as the previous books but will definitely be continuing on in the series though!

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