Godsgrave Review


91UQ-+Pv3RLThis was absolutely amazing. It was honestly everything that I love about fantasy! An immaculately detailed world, characters that I love/hate/love to hate, a magic system that is unique and intriguing… WONDERFUL!

Mia really had me guessing for the majority of this book. Some decisions that she made or actions that she took really had me going ‘hmmm, I don’t know about that’. Then she would turn around and redeem herself and I would fall back in love with her again! Some stages she is completely hostile and staunch and totally without empathy and other times she is compassionate, loving and loyal. It is so entertaining to read and she has really shined in this story for me.

I still don’t know whether or not I trust Ashlinn yet. I can’t help but remember everything that happened in Nevernight and how she betrayed Mia and the Red Church. Something about her throws me off a little and I was surprised that Mia decided to believe her. I am still on the fence about it even though I feel she has more than made up for her mistakes by helping so faithfully. I think it’s mostly to do with Tric. I really liked him with Mia, I thought their relationship was genuine and pretty honest in their circumstances and for Ash to then kind of swoop in and replace him kind of stoked my ire for her. I’m not sure how I feel about their relationship either. I think it kind of makes sense being in the situation they are in at that time, but it’s just not my favourite.

Speaking about Tric for a second OH MY GOODNESS! I knew it… I just had a feeling because his body was never recovered that his arc wasn’t complete. And for Jay Kristoff to have my thinking throughout the whole book that the case was closed and he wasn’t coming back was cruel but sweet at the same time. I loved that twist and it really cemented my need to pick up the next book when it comes out next year.

The plot was just so cleverly constructed and super detailed, I was engrossed right from the start. I liked the introduction of the new characters, I thought they were all fresh and interesting. The fact that they all had a detailed back story added so much depth and meaning to the storyline. The scope of the world has grown so much as we learn where eveyone is from and how different yet similar they all are.

I honestly thought this was a duology and when everything happened at the end I was like there’s no way that this is done, I still have so many questions and I need answers!

⭐️5/5 stars moving its way up my list of all time favs!