The Raven Boys Review

*Kind of Spoilery… tried my best not to be*

17675462Not what I was expecting…

I honestly didn’t know too much about The Raven Boys going into it. I had heard everyone raving about this series but the synopsis didn’t really capture my attention you know what I mean. I basically only wanted to read it to see what everyone was going on about. I am pleasantly surprised.

This story follows a few different perspectives. But basically it’s about Blue the daughter of a psychic but isn’t a psychic herself she amplifies everyone’s powers around her. She lives with all her aunts and cousins (who are also psychics) in a town in rural Virginia that houses a prestigious all boys’ boarding school. Three boys who attend this school are on a quest to find a welsh king who is said to slumber on the ley lines that are found near the town. Blue somehow gets caught up in their quest and accompanies them and help them to accomplish their goal. This is really just the basics there is soooo much happening in this story it is really immersive.

I like Blue I find her to be very non-conformitive and has a mind of her own. The fact that she has this kind of prophecy held over her head for her entire life she still takes that chance and wants to live her life the way she wants regardless. I think she has guts and a kind of spirituality about her that I really enjoyed! Gansey I didn’t really know what to make of him. I liked how attuned he was to his friends and how far he would go to protect and help them in their own struggles. He did come off as a bit pretentious at times but that was well contrasted with his almost child-like obsession with the ley lines and the welsh king. The scene when he finally opened up about his past to Blue was really touching and really expressed a different side to him that I didn’t see before. Ronan bugged me a little bit as well but after we delved more into his backstory and the relationship he has with his brother it really explained a lot about his character and I am eager to find out what else could become of that in the future. Adam really had me in my feels for the second half of the book. We get an inkling in the start about how bad things are for him but it all really came to a head towards the end of the story and it really just made my heart bleed for him. Noah I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to throughout most of the book. The foreshadowing was very well played in this aspect and that twist really caught me by surprise…. That’s all I’m saying!

I loved all the mystical, otherworldly elements to the storyline; I thought it added great depth and enriched the world very nicely. I really could not anticipate anything that was about to happen in The Raven Boys and I enjoyed that immensely. It really kept me guessing which is something I highly enjoy. There are some seriously dark undertones to this book and a lot of real world problems weaved into this kind of fantasy double lives that these boys are using as an escape.

⭐️4/5 stars highly enjoyed didn’t think I would like it as much as I did!

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