The Kingdom of Copper Review


The Kingdom of Copper takes place about 5 years after the events of The City of Brass. Ali is trying to make the most of his banishment while his mother is manoeuvring for him to come back home. Nahri is trying to make her life bearable after marrying Muntadhir in the form of establishing a hospital in the city.

I like the fact that the main plot isn’t focused solely around Nahri like I felt the first book was. It really went more in depth with a few more of the side characters.

Though Nahri’s situation is pretty precarious I still wish she would of stood up for herself a little more in the book. When we see her go toe to toe with the King was when I felt she really shone in the book. I love that we get to see her commitment and passion go into this hospital project and seeing how hard she fought to have the Shafit included really displayed how at the core she is still just that thief from Cairo standing up for her beliefs.

Ali’s character development in this book was interesting to read. From his banishment and how he has had to adapt to the harsher way of life in the desert and then thrust back into the court life at Daevabad was entertaining. Now that he has fallen out of favour with his father every thing that he does definitely has higher stakes and there is the very real threat of him being assassinated hung over his head from every angle. The magical aspect of his plot line was very intriguing as well. From his family connection to the Narid and then disclosing to his mother what was happening to him and then trying to figure out what kind of powers he inherited when they took over his body.

Dara realty took a back seat in this instalment of the series. I found when we came to his perspective I wasn’t all that interested in what was happening. I thought the twist about Nahri’s mother being alive was very interesting and added another layer to the storyline, but it was too shrouded in mystery. Dara not being in complete control of his situation and not knowing what Manizheh was planning I found to be frustrating at times.

With all that being said I thoroughly enjoyed where the direction of the plot was going. It was a little slower paced at time and I felt like the ending was a little rushed but I overall enjoyed the build up of anticipation of the book. There were a lot of twists and turns along the way and it was very unpredictable. There are various plans and threads being woven throughout the course of the story and it was gratifying to see how it ended.

⭐️4/5 stars I can’t wait to read The Empire of Gold!!

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