The Missing of Clairedelune Review


The Missing of Clairedelune continues pretty much straight after the events of A Winter’s Promise. Ophelia has now been thrust into the spotlight by Farouk and promoted to vice-storyteller where she has to perform stories for Farouk and the entire court every evening.

Ophelia really goes through an emotional and psychological journey throughout the course of the story line. We see her overcome so many obstacles and try and manoeuvre her way through this completely foreign and at times dangerous court. I loved the fact that she finally stands up for herself, from telling Thorn how she truly feels and stepping out of her mother’s shadow and becoming her own person.

I liked that we see some repercussions from the first story filter into this book. In particular the murder of the Dragons and the food shortage that is a result of that. We see just how important Thorn’s job is and the scope of what he has to deal with on a daily basis.

I still wish we could learn more about Thorn. Even though he is one of the main protagonists we still don’t really know him. He is pretty much always there in the background but there is still this air of mystery surrounding him and we don’t truly know where his loyalties lie. He does open up more and eventually explains to Ophelia what his plans are but again we just don’t get enough of them together for me to truly believe in his love.

The direction the plot went in was a complete surprise to me. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t all that interested in Farouk and his origin. It does add a layer of intrigue and mystery but I was much more interested in Ophelia and the investigation surrounding the missing.

The structure of the story was a little strange to be honest. Although I was completely invested in what was happening it felt disjointed and a touch nonsensical at times. I found I really had to focus on what was going on at all times otherwise I would end up completely confused.

A solid continuation of the storyline, I still have so many unanswered questions. I am highly anticipating the release of The Memory of Babel next month.

⭐️4/5 I’m still intrigued, engaged and want to know so much more!!