Vengeful Review

40139338._SY475_It had been quite a few years since I finished Vicious so it took me a little bit to get situated into Vengeful.

Marcella is an interesting character. She is very self-aware which is something I enjoyed about her. She isn’t naïve at all and has quite a blunt, straightforward personality. She utilises her assets in a way that ultimately benefits her. After she becomes an EO she became quite ruthless and cutthroat and really dropped all of her inhibitions and strove towards her goals.

I have to say I wasn’t a fan of how Victor evolved in this book. All of his previous morals went right out the window and I really didn’t think it was necessary for him to kill the other EOs who couldn’t help him. He was previously my favourite of all the characters because of his goal to stop Eli and now because his motivations are quite selfish I’m finding I am not enjoying his character as much as I once did.

I enjoyed the fact that we get to see a lot of Eli’s history in this book. I think it was kind of skated over in Vicious and his reasons behind the decisions he makes and the impact that his past had on his future. I found myself becoming a little empathetic towards him after learning about all of the hardships he has had to face in his life, even after everything he has done. I remember I hated Eli in the previous book so to have both main characters switch roles for me was a little strange.

I’m not sure about June yet; I don’t quite understand where her connection to Sydney comes from. Sure they talked and texted for 3 years but her need to protect Sydney and even lie to Marcella about her made me intrigued. Where did she come from and why is she so hell-bent on finding Victor?

I liked the time jumps and the countdown; it definitely had me eager to read on. I did find myself more interested in Marcella’s plot line above everyone else. The other characters for the first 100 or so pages felt quite repetitive and stagnant. Once the pacing picked up I was very much invested in the plot and anticipating what was going to happen next!

⭐️3/5 stars I liked it, didn’t quite love it as much as Vicious!

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