Stay Home Reading Rush Wrap Up

I didn’t quite manage to finish all of the books on my TBR and did end up reading a book that didn’t fit any of the prompts, but I figure I went with the spirit of the readathon and just stayed inside all weekend and read a few books that I actually ended up really enjoying!

The first book I completed was Harry Potter and the Philosphoer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling! This kind of fit the prompt of read a book set somewhere you wish you could go,ย because like who wouldn’t want to visit Hogwarts?!ย 


The next book I completed was The Last Town by Blake Crouch. Purely because I had just marathoned the first two books in this series and wanted to continue on with the last book as soon as possible. This doesn’t fit any of the prompts but I did really enjoy the book!


And then the last book I didn’t actually end up finishing during the readathon I only got about half way through and that is Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. This was going to be for the prompt read a book in the same room the whole timeย which I did end up doing, unfortunately didn’t enjoy this story as much as I hoped I would!



One thought on “Stay Home Reading Rush Wrap Up

  1. I like the Harry Potter series. Seen the movies but only read one book. Book 3. I really want to read the first one. I am hoping to read it sometime this summer. The other books I have not heard of.

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