📚Physical TBR Update📚

I was going through my physical TBR over the weekend and I realised that I only had 13 books in my entire collection that I haven’t read yet. When I first got back into reading around 4 years ago I tapped into Booktube and literally bought every popular or hyped book that was being discussed. I also watched countless top ten favourite fantasy videos and bought a lot of books on those lists as well, until one day my collection had grown to over 300 books! For the last 2 years the number of unread books on my shelves has been between 30-40 books and I have somehow whittled it down to the last 13. I’m going to put this down to my library and forcing myself not to buy each and every book out there that is hyped and actually pick things I know for sure I am going to enjoy! I would really love to get the number down to 0 and maybe start rereading a few books/series in my collection that I haven’t read in years now, as well as picking up any new releases that interest me throughout the year!



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