House of Earth and Blood Review


44778083This book killed me! Sarah J Maas really got me invested in Danika and the Pack of Devils right from the start and to then rip them away really hit me in the feels. Especially Connor, oh my poor heart!

Bryce is a half elf half human who works as an antiquity assistant to a sorceress by day and loves to party and with her friends at night, until one fateful night when everything changes and her life is never the same again.

I absolutely loved Bryce as our main protagonist. She has had to deal with so much over the course of the storyline and even though she keeps secrets from those around her she stayed true to herself. She doesn’t compromise and is unapologetically living her life regardless of what people think about her. The overall situation with Danika was heartbreaking and the fact that all the blame was placed on Bryce and we see how it has affected her was an emotional rollercoaster.

I think it was destined for me to love Hunt, a broody, sexy angel who is a slave to the Arch Angel Governor of the city after a failed rebellion (uh duh). I like that even though he is portrayed as an alphahole he still expresses his emotions to Bryce and communicates with her about how he is feeling, albeit a little harsh at times. Their romance was obvious right from the start but I liked that even though it was apparent they were attracted to each other they didn’t give in right away. Bryce had to accept what happened in the past and come to terms with the guilt she felt over Connor and Hunt needed to realize he is able to love someone else.

It was a little info dumpy at the start of the book, especially when the world is established. It just jumps straight into the political system of Lunathion and breaks down all the different houses and factions within the houses. It was a little hard to get settled into the story, but after the first 100 or pages I was very much invested!

All of the characters were distinct and diverse and all had a part to play in the overall plot. Fury I was a little unsure of after learning how she ghosted Bryce for the two years after the murder and I felt she never really apologized for it. I would love to get more perspectives from her in the future as she interests me!

From that first twist at the start I wasn’t able to predict anything that was going to happen next. The forced partnership between Bryce and Hunt, the investigation, the revelations, everything came together perfectly for me and even though it was over 800 pages I flew through this book!

⭐️5/5 Through love, all is possible.

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