The Currently Reading Tag

I’ve seen this tag floating around a few blogs so I thought why not give it a go!


Only ever one, I have a hard time focusing if I’m in the middle of too many books.


Like I said I’m never in that position so it’s all good


Unless I misplace it when I take it out of the book I only ever use one


Usually on my bed or on my nightstand


Weekdays usually around 9pm – 10:30pm and on the weekends it’s usually around 1pm – 4pm


Depends on how I’m feeling about the book. On weeknights it’s usually only around an hour or so but on the weekends it could be anywhere from an hour to 6, I have been known to finish a book in one sitting.


Yes, I always end up damaging the dust jacket otherwise; I kind of throw my books around a lot


Laying down, either or my side on on my back!


No I will leave it in my room usually on my bed


This depends as well, usually after a sitting and I put the book down I will update my Goodreads but if I forget or am too tired to I will wait and just update when I finish the book!


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