My Sister the Serial Killer Review


Basically just like the title this book is about two sisters, one who has killed her last three boyfriends and the other who helps her clean up the mess.

Korede though I can sympathise with her and the situation that she is constantly being put in by her sister, I can’t help but wish she would assert herself more in her personal life. When she is at work she has no problem issuing orders and being authoritative with the other nurse, leading to her promotion to head nurse of the hospital. But when she is at home she lets her sister and her mother walk all over her. I understand the cultural aspect where she is supposed to be her sister’s protector because she is older but Ayoola totally takes it way too far and Korede enables her to do so.

Ayoola is spoilt and selfish and very arrogant. Though she was an interesting character and I would have loved if this was a dual perspective novel to get more insight into the way she thinks. Why she decides to kill the men and when, is it just a crime of opportunity or does she plot their deaths? Though she is aware of her beauty and the effect it has on men I think she is quite cavalier with their feelings and isn’t considerate at all. Like I said she uses her influence over others to get whatever she wants despite the consequences. I think it just irked me that after everything that her sister has done for her she still goes after Tate even though she knows Korede has feelings for him.

The pacing was fast and consistent and I was highly entertained throughout the course of the storyline. This felt like a little slice of life story with an added twist of murder. The tone was quite dark and disturbing at times and then it will flip and be quite light and innocuous, which I feel ties quite relatively to Ayoola’s mood. There was a undercurrent of fear and a sense of urgency woven throughout the course of the plot that definitely kept me engaged and intrigued.

⭐️3/5 stars this was wild!

5 thoughts on “My Sister the Serial Killer Review

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  2. I couldn’t ever figure out her motive for killing all of them either. Part of me thinks it was crimes of opportunity, but another part wonders if she wasn’t waiting and plotting to a certain extent for them to mess up in some way in her eyes to kill them. My heart broke for Korede when Ayoola went after Tate because I knew that was the end of any chance she had to be happy with her sister around.

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    1. I totally agree! Even with just a couple of chapters from Ayoola’s perspective would of delved a lot more deeper into the storyline and made me appreciate the book as a whole a lot more. 😊

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