Golden Son Review


18966819Golden Son is the second book in Red Rising series. It has been a couple of years since the end of the first book and Darrow is fully embedded in the Gold society, he faces difficult choices and the consequences of keeping everyone at arms length.

I was blown away by this book! There were times when I found a lot of the political intrigue and manoeuvrings were a little boring but the pace of the book was so fast that I didn’t really have time to dwell on those factors. There was so much action and scheming and a real in depth look at how those in power have so little empathy for anyone below them. 

I loved Darrow in this instalment of the series. He isn’t perfect by any means and makes plenty of mistakes, but he owns them and actively tries to correct/learn from them and continues to grow throughout the course of the plot. The way his mind is able to jump to conclusions so quickly and anticipate a lot of his enemies plans yet is still taken by surprise a lot of the time showing how much he still needs to learn was so entertaining to read.

I’m not quite sure about Mustang yet. Right from when she is reintroduced on Cassius’s arm didn’t sit right with me and even though she does a good job explaining her reasonings, the fact alone that she was with him makes me distrust her. I really wanted her to stay behind with Darrow in the mine and hear him out, especially after all they went through and her basically demanding that he let her in. I have a feeling she is going to play a key role in the next book and I want to see her redeem herself!

Finding out who Ares was did take me by surprise. I initially didn’t really think it fit, he just seemed a little too cavalier as a character before but after he explained his history to Darrow and how Sevro ties in definitely swayed me. I almost wished he played a bigger role in the story and we see more interaction between him and Darrow. 

This was absolutely epic. The war sequences and the rise of the different colours and how Darrow leads them all was simply fantastic. The stakes were at an all time high and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. We see Darrow really pushed to the edge of his limits and so far he has clawed his way back to the top each time and I am almost scared to see what will happen to him next!


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