Morningstar Review


18966806Morningstar continues about 9 months after that cliffhanging ending to Golden Son. Darrow has been betrayed and captured by the Jackal and has had to face endless months of torture at his hands. It’s up to the Sons of Ares to find a way to rescue Darrow and continue on their mission to break the Gold’s society.

It’s official Darrow is now one of my favourite male protagonists ever! The amount of growth he has displayed over the course of the series was in full effect in this novel and we really see the consequences of his actions catch up with him. He has really sunk to the lowest of the low when we are brought back into the story and to see him claw his way back up to the top was inspiring. He really sets himself apart from the Golds in this book and he really shows that they haven’t influenced him as much as they think.

Mustang did come through for me. At the start I was still a little hesitant towards her character and I was just waiting for her to stab Darrow in the back like her brother did, but alas she pulled through for me. I was a little peeved that she was still testing Darrow but again in hindsight it all made sense. There is so many layers to her character and she really showcases her many strengths over the course of the series.

Roque broke my heart, I truly thought he was going to come back to Darrow or he was still on their side and was just a spy. I’m glad he wasn’t forgotten by the Sovereign and she did kind of avenge him in the end with Adrianna. Sevro was a consistently loyal, crazy character that you just can’t help but love and one that Darrow could always rely on. I’m glad we get to see him happy and in love! 

There were so many moments in this book that pulled on my heartstrings. Rangar in particular brought a tear to my eye. Pierce Brown really has no qualms about killing off key characters so I was constantly on the edge of my seat whilst reading this book. The pacing was consistently fast and they were always on the move looking for the next target. 

Now there is no other way for me to say this… but that twist at the end with Cassius was fucking brilliant! I in no way saw that coming, I mourned Sevro for that excruciating 10 minutes and I was absolutely stunned with the way that it played out! With that epic battle with Aja and Darrow finally killing the Sovereign and then not giving in to Adrius and pulling out his tongue… oh it was sweet, sweet victory. I loved Cassius in the first book and I am glad we get to see him redeem himself in the end. 

And if all of that wasn’t enough Pierce had to go and shock me again with Mustang. I had a feeling when she was sitting in the mess hall with Darrow’s family trading stories that something was going on, she just seemed a little too familiar. I honestly thought she was about to kill Darrow and start another war against the Reds but I was definitely surprised by what she presented to him. 

It was honestly one of the best series I have ever read and I am itching to reread the whole thing again just to experience this epic rollercoaster of a tale again!