Rebel Spring Review

16000044This series is starting to give me serious Game of Throne vibes but like on a YA level. There is quite a large cast of characters and we get different povs from these characters throughout the book. Also, Morgan Rhodes really isn’t afraid to kill off characters that I thought were quite integral to the overall plot and would just introduce new characters who fit in quite organically to this already established cast. It makes every scene really engaging and the stakes are at an all time high!

I like the introduction of Lysandra to the book. I thought she added a much needed feminine touch to the rebels. She is also very spirited and motivated to shut down the blood road and save her people. I thought when she first met Jonas and Brion she was a little too pushy and wanted things to be her way but she really proved herself over the course of the book how necessary she is. I like that she holds Jonas accountable and questions his decisions when she feels like he’s not doing what is right. She really established herself as quite an important factor in the rebels and I feel she has earned the right to speak up and make herself heard!

The only thing I’m not too jazzed about in the series is how insta-lovey a lot of the romance is. Take Cleo for example she was in love with Theon after 5 minutes and then she kissed Jonas after hating him and starts to feel something and then she marries Magnus who she hates as well and 5 minutes later he kisses her and suddenly she thinks there’s something there as well. Also Jonas kisses Cleo after wanting to kill her and then she goes back to the palace and suddenly its like he see’s Lysandra for the first time and how beautiful she is. I just want there to be a little more of a build up and not jumping around from person to person. Don’t get me wrong I like how all of the characters are intermingling and interacting with each other but it’s getting a little too all over the place.

Other than that I love the direction the plot is going. In this book I feel like it set the foundation for the rest of the series. Falling Kingdoms was really like the introduction and Rebel Spring really developed a lot more of the lore and established the setting and the overall goal that theses characters are moving towards!

I can forsee a lot more action and intrigue and adventure and I am just really excited to be delving into this world and figuring out what these characters are going to do next!

⭐️4/5 Highly entertaining, I’m addicted!

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