An Anonymous Girl Review


39863515._SY475_Good not great!

An Anonymous Girl follows the perspective of a girl who decides to participate in a psychological test study headed by a mysterious professor on morality and ethics.

Jessica’s character was at times a little morally ambiguous, which I guess feeds directly into the plot and keeps the audience guessing. Sometimes she will be willing to do what Dr. Shields asks of her with no complaint and other times she will stand up for herself and refuse, but usually she will get talked into doing it anyway. I like seeing her putting the little pieces together and figuring out what is really going on, seeing her paranoia build up and trying to investigate what Dr. Shields is hiding. She was a little on the naïve side for most of the book and that kind of soured her a little for me, so by the end I wasn’t all that invested in the outcome.

Dr. Shields was an interesting character. I like that she genuinely thought what she was doing was ok and not at all on the psychotic side of things. Going through with the actual case study even after what happened with her previous participant just to keep trying to catch her husband in a lie. She was manipulative, cold and calculating and she had an answer for everything! I like that we are given a bit more background into her life to acknowledge that her behavior has really grown and evolved over time, but it was always present!

The pacing of the book was pretty fast and I was able to get through it really quickly. There were enough twists and turns that it kept me engaged and entertained, however, there were sections of the story that felt like I really had to drag myself through. There was a nice build-up of tension and anticipation and the ending was actually quite explosive. I just wasn’t all that interested by the end. I found that this isn’t really the kind of thriller that I personally enjoy as much as others!

⭐️3/5 ok just was a little meh…