The Readers Problems Book Tag ๐Ÿท

I’ve seen this tag going around the blogosphere and I definitely had to give it a try! I couldn’t find the original post but I seen it first at Let’s Get Galactic!

Picture1My first thought was to pick a book out of a TBR jar!

Picture3I would say 9 times out of 10 I am committed but I am really not gelling with the book I have no qualms with putting it down!

Picture4Well last year I actually got to 99 books and it was the last day of the year and I really struggled with just speeding through a book and not enjoying it or leaving it at 99 which killed me. I didnโ€™t end up reading the book and I just told myself to cut me some slack, 99 books is still an amazing number and Iโ€™ll try again next year. I am actually well over 100 books for 2019 so I am very happy with my progress!

Picture5This has happened so many times to me now! At first itโ€™s a struggle to see them all mismatched on my shelves, so I either just deal with it or try and wait for like the paperback set to come out and replace them. Depends on how much I love the series.

Picture6Iโ€™m not shy about voicing my opinions if I am in a minority in terms of loving a book or not. There are usually one or two people that I come across either online or IRL that share my feelings and we can discuss together.

Picture7I usually close the book for a few seconds and take a few deep breaths.

Picture8No, I will either read my review and that will spur my memories or I will just read a summary online.

Picture9I honestly donโ€™t mind if someone borrows my books as long as the return it when I ask and in the same condition. They get one chance, if they misplace or damage then I let them know they canโ€™t borrow anything else, sorry!

Picture10I would maybe try a different format of book, like I might try an e-book or an audio book, if this still doesnโ€™t work then I usually take a full week or two of not even thinking about or touching any books, giving myself a time out in order to refresh.

Picture11Only the ones I am absolutely DYING to read, otherwise I like to check my local library or try and wait until I see some reviews to know whether or not itโ€™s worth it!

Picture12If I am super excited about them I like to get stuck straight in, but if the book is just super hyped then itโ€™s just all about what I feel like at the time. Could be a week or two, could be a couple of months.

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