The Girl the Sea Gave Back Review

42867937I need more!!!

This book is a standalone about 10 years after the events of Sky in the Deep takes place. We are following two perspectives of Tova and Halvard. For as long as Tova can remember she has been shunned among the Svell people because of her abilities. When a reading she makes is interpreted in a way she wasn’t expecting she is led right to Halvard, the young leader from a rival clan.

I like that we are given some new perspectives as well as some of the old characters. As far as companion novels go I would say you definitely don’t have to read Sky in the Deep to enjoy this book but it was nice to know some of the people and have that context in place before diving in. Even though I had only read Sky in the Deep a few months ago I found this book a little hard to get into at the start. You are kind of thrown straight into the storyline and the different names of the tribes and people were a little disorientating. I made it kind of hard to get immersed into the book.

I wasn’t that big of a fan of Tova at the start. I found her to be a little too meek for my standards. She really let the Svell people treat her like dirt and she still did the readings for them. I wanted a little more rebellion and opposition from her in order to do what was right and it wasn’t until after the half way mark that I got what I wanted from her.

I kind of struggled to deal with the fact that Halvard is now a young man, chosen to become the next leader of the clan. I still think of him as the little kid who Eelyn saved. I can see he also struggles stepping up into the role that is really thrust upon him by the other leaders. I enjoyed his character a lot. I thought he was very dedicated and committed to saving everyone from the Svell.

I just needed a little more information about the magical side of Tova and why the sea and the Spinners saved her. Her connection to Halvard was never really explored either and I found it a little frustrating. I wanted to delve more into their possible romance and the reasons why they are destined to be together. I felt this whole storyline was kind of skated over in preference for all of the fighting scenes. Granted they made the stakes a lot higher and I was on the edge of my seat throughout, I just wanted a little more time for their relationship to blossom. I was just feeling a little underwhelmed.

⭐️3/5 Liked didn’t love as much as Sky in the Deep

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