Ready Player One Review


8d117c8c-2523-43da-adbf-cbab1c56ad67I LOVED this book!

Ready Player One revolves around a virtual reality world called Oasis. Created by a tech mastermind James Halliday who died and left his vast fortunes to whoever could solve the mystery that he embedded within Oasis. He left hidden Easter eggs, obscure riddles and puzzles revolving around pop culture in the 80’s which was the creator’s favourite decade. No one has come close until Wade Watts stumbles upon the first clue and his name skyrockets to first on the leader board.

Everything about the premise fascinates me. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi naturally and I had been meaning to pick this book up for AGES until finally I bit the bullet and gave it a read and became obsessed!

I really enjoyed the banter between Wade and Aech and their camaraderie over their quest to find the Egg. I liked that they naturally started to drift apart once the race was really on to figure where the next key and gate are. The introduction of Art3mis I didn’t enjoy at the start. The years of dedication that Wade put in just to have his hunt derailed by a girl I thought was a little unrealistic. Though it didn’t really impact the end result and Art3mis is a very significant character in the overall plot, their relationship bugged me a little.

I thought the addition of the IOI really upped the stakes and gave the whole mission a deeper meaning. Trying to keep OASIS free from a corporate takeover and substantial fees that would be attached not allowing everyday people to be able to continue to utilise the world. I loved that Wade held on to his integrity and rejected their offer that would have set him up for the remainder of his life.

All of the pop culture references were super fun and to see them integrated into a futuristic setting was really engaging for me. The plot was very fast paced and action packed and was highly unpredictable!

There’s just something about the setting that I loved in this book. The virtual reality world and how it contrasts to their actual reality. The world building in particular when it came to OASIS was spectacular and I really enjoyed every minute of this book!

⭐️5/5 Amazing!!

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