Crazy Rich Asians Review


7144OITcNMLReally enjoyed this book!

This book follows a plethora of characters but mainly revolves around the relationship of Nick and Rachel. They have been together for 2 years now and Nick has finally invited Rachel to his childhood home in Singapore for his best friend’s wedding and to meet his extended family. What Nick failed to mention to Rachel was that his family is very, very rich. They are among the upper echelon of families in South-East Asia and they don’t take well to outsiders trying to marry their way in.

I actually really enjoyed Rachel as our main female protagonist. She isn’t naïve and unsure of herself and will actually call people out and face them head on. I think she behaved very realistically and adjusted to the situation well. Money was never a factor in her relationship with Nick and even when she found out he was wealthy it still didn’t change how she felt about him. We do see examples in the book where certain characters are only in these relationships for the money like Kitty and not for love and it contrast nicely to how Rachel and Nick really are.

I was a little annoyed with Nick for not telling Rachel beforehand and giving her time to prepare. I think he was really the naïve one for thinking his mother and grandmother would welcome Rachel with open arms and not think she was just a gold digger. Had he prepared both parties for the meet and actually explained to everyone the situation and how he felt a lot of the drama that unfolded wouldn’t have occurred.

This book was rich (lol) in culture! I loved learning about all of the food and the mannerisms of these families and how everyone is connected. The addendums were a great learning resource and helped to give the book more depth and realism.

There are multiple different storylines that are running concurrently and I loved the way that they all weaved together into one. It didn’t just focus on Rachel and Nick it went a lot more in depth with the other family members and their own personal issues that have to deal with. It really showcases that money doesn’t solve everything.

I was highly engaged throughout the course of the book. There are a lot of characters in this book and at the start I had a little trouble keeping track of everyone and how they relate back to Nick; the family tree at the start really helped. As the book progressed I did manage to get my head around everyone and enjoy the plotting and scheming of this family!

⭐️4/5 stars Trashy, entertaining, family drama!