The Unhoneymooners Review


42201431This was so engaging and entertaining from the start! I absolutely loved it!

Olive’s twin sister Ami has just gotten married to her boyfriend Dane and Olive couldn’t be happier for her, except the fact that she has to put up with Dane’s older brother Ethan who hates Olive for some unknown reason. So when the whole wedding party and guests get massive food poisoning and only Olive and Ethan don’t get sick and Ami insists that they should go away on their honeymoon instead Olive doesn’t know if they will make it out alive.

I love that Olive is so honest and upfront with Ethan from the start, and how that honesty becomes such a focal point in the relationship in the future. I love how confident and proud of herself she is and doesn’t shy away from her curves. She is super endearing and I loved the witty banter she shares with Ethan throughout the storyline.

Ethan I was a little unsure of at the start, but I definitely warmed up to him! I like how realistic he is as a male character, hopelessly naïve in some ways. He is always willing to communicate how he feels to Olive and he isn’t afraid to apologize if he feels it is warranted. I think it was fair that he stuck by his brother and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, though I figured he would try to understand Olive’s intentions a bit more thoroughly than to just dismiss her so quickly and assume she misinterpreted the situation. I am glad that he circled back to their earlier conversations and he went with the grand-gesture to try to win her back, I thought that was very well rounded and well very swoon-worthy lets be real!

I also enjoyed the fact that the book didn’t just finish at the end of the ‘unhoneymoon’. They had to go back to the real world and actually deal with a lot of the issues that sprung up during the trip that they didn’t want to focus on. Again I found the whole thing really realistic. All of the characters reacted to the situation within reason. A lot of times in adult romances I found situations are dealt with too quickly and things work out a little too conveniently and I’m not sold or find it too fictional if that makes sense!

I am a sucker for the hate to love trope and I thought this was a super unique take on it! The premise as a whole I found super intriguing and I was invested in the characters and the storyline from the start. I am for sure going to have to dip into Christina Lauren’s previous books and see how they compare!

⭐️5/5 I loved it!