Ignite Me Review

Ignite_MeI thought this was a solid ending; it just didn’t really excite me though or have me on the edge of my seat.

This is the third novel in the series and it kind of left me underwhelmed. I haven’t really built an emotional connection to any of these characters and I think that’s why I didn’t really have any outstanding emotions after I finished the book.

Ignite Me focuses on the aftermath of the war. The Reestablishment won and now we see Juliette siding with Warner to kill Anderson and restore peace to the world. She finds a few who survived the attack including Adam and she now is forced to face the truth and ultimately choose which brother she wants to be with.

The only thing I really actually enjoyed in the book was Juliette’s friendship and witty sparring with Kenji. I like how their relationship has grown so much over the course of the three books and how he has opened up and given so much of himself. I also like the fact that Juliette is so raw and honest with him, I feel like most of her conversations with Kenji should of happened with Adam that way she could of explained the situation a lot more better and caused less grief on both their parts.

I just feel like she handled the situation wrong and Adam had a right to feel and react the way he did, sure he went a bit overboard, but I felt like she just didn’t care about his feelings and was a bit selfish. I get that she has grown and matured and become more self assured but I feel like she completely disregarded their history and cut him off. I think she was mean and very in your face about her new burgeoning relationship with Warner and that kind of made me like her a little less.

I do still enjoy Warner in this book though. He has stayed pretty much constant throughout the series we have just delved a bit deeper into his history and he has shown a bit more of himself. Having everything explained added a lot of context to his actions and really painted a different picture of who he is as a character, which I enjoyed.

I am a bit in two minds about this book. It was a little slow in some sections and then felt a bit overly rushed in others. We don’t have many different settings and it became a little stagnant for me. For what I think was supposed to be the conclusion to a trilogy I felt it was definitely lacking in oomph. I’m not quite sure what Restore Me has to offer but I’m still waiting to be wowed.

⭐️3/5 stars just a bit lacking for me…

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