Our Dark Duet Review


y648That ending had me shook!

Oh my goodness this was fantastic. The continuation of the storyline was spectacular. The introduction of the new characters as well as the growth of the existing characters, it was all woven together wonderfully!

Our Dark Duet continues on 6 months after This Savage Song ended. Kate is now in Prosperity hunting and killing monsters and August is back in Verity taking up the role of commander of the FTF a role that became vacant after he reaped Leo’s soul. Kate has managed to integrate herself into an established group of people called the Wardens of Prosperity who monitor and track down monsters. Kate is in the middle of a mission when she comes across a new monster she has never seen before and she makes her priority to hunt it down and kill it, thus leading her back to the place she was running from, Verity.

August is definitely one of my favourite characters from this duology. I love that we see how he’s changed in the last 6 months he’s been at the forefront of the FTF and how that responsibility weighs on him. I love that internal struggle we witness throughout the plot of how he thinks he should be and act as a monster and discarding that human aspect of himself and how eventually he makes his way back to who he truly is.

Again I just think that Kate is such a badass. She has become so much more focused and driven in this book compared to the first. We see her passion to rid the world of these monsters and try to save her city that she loves so much. She was really the one to give August that reality check and had the balls to say ‘what happened to you’. I also like that she took responsibility for her actions and when Alice finally caught up with her she knew she had to be the one to kill her.

This book was a very fast paced, entertaining and interesting read. I like how not all the characters are safe by any means; I think that gave it a bit of an edge. There was an element of danger and uncertainty that is laced throughout the storyline and I felt that really drove the plot forward.

The ending kind of broke my heart. I sort of wanted Kate and August to have the fairytale ending I think they deserve after what they’ve been through. But also the fact that it wasn’t all wrapped up nicely with a shiny bow and a happy ending made it more endearing and real.

I’m still kind of left wanting more though…

⭐️4/5 stars, adrenaline rushing, tear-jerking finale!