Edgedancer Review

81SuJQI8uNLI enjoyed my time reading Edgedancer but I don’t think it is a completely necessary. It was really just kind of ok for me.

This is a continuation of the character Lift who has a small role in Words of Radiance. I think she only had a couple of chapters in the whole book. We follow on after she is captured by the darkness who has been following her for the last few months.

I like Lift as a character. I thought she was quirky and different and brought a lightheartedness to the storyline. However it was a little too slow paced for me for the first half of the novella. It’s pretty much a reread of her chapters from Words of Radiance and then the story continues and that kind of bored me a little and made me a little less invested. I did still really enjoy the introduction to the Darkness and how he is connected to the White Assassin Szeth, that was fun to connect those dots together.

I can really see the characters that are introduced in Edgedancer being highly integral to the plot in the coming books in the Stormlight Archives and I am super excited to continue on in this series with Oathbringer very soon!

⭐️3.5/5 stars I enjoyed Lift and Wyndle but wasn’t blown away by the story.

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