The Dream Thieves Review

*Kind of a little spoilery*

17347389I’m getting invested!

The ley lines around Cabeswater have officially been woken and now things really seem like they are coming together in their search of the Raven King. That is until an unknown Gray Man lurks into town in search of a Greywaren and seemingly interferes with everything.

Things have really taken a turn that I absolutely did not see coming! The developments of the characters are slight but impressive. We really get to delve deeper into their motives and how each of them entwine around the plot is so entrancing. I particularly enjoyed the psychics and the role they played. Maura, Calla and Persephone are so interesting and enigmatic and how they each have a distinctive voice is wonderful. Even though they are not the main protagonists in the story they are quite vital and each have scenes that I really enjoyed that explain why they are necessary.

I think that Ronan was really the star of Dream Thieves. I like that he’s kind of unlikeable but every now and then he shows a different side of him and you can catch a glimpse of his redeemable qualities that he shields within himself. I enjoy how much we get to see about his past and what happened with his father and how that affected his relationship with his brothers and Gansey. The introduction of his powers and the connection with Cabeswater was super clever and ties things together from the last book but also establishes new questions that I need answering thus ensuring my continuation of the series (which was inevitable anyways).

I think Dream Thieves although highly entertaining and action packed was just really setting up for the next two books in the series. I highly enjoyed the read and I am surprised and intrigued about everything that has gone on in the story. But I really feel that everything is building up and the hunt is really going to be on in Blue Lily, Lily Blue and then the crescendo at the end with Raven King. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen next, but after that ending I can really see things becoming a lot more frenzied and urgent, particularly in Blue’s case.

⭐️4/5 stars literally cannot predict what’s going to happen next!

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