Shadowcaster Review

Alyssa ana’Raisa is the reluctant princess heir to the Gray Wolf throne of Fells, a queendom embroiled in a seemingly endless war. Hardened by too many losses, Lyss is more comfortable striking with a sword than maneuvering at court. After a brush with death, she goes on the offensive, meaning to end the war that has raged her whole life. If her gamble doesn’t pay off, she could lose her queendom before she even ascends to the throne.

One thing I love about Cinda Williams Chima’s books is that there isn’t one main focus or character. We are introduced to a plethora of new characters in this instalment of the series and we get to see what is happening in the Fells while Adrian is worming his way into the Arden court. I love that we see repercussions of what’s happening in Arden in real time and how Lyss is dealing with everything.

I can sympathise with Lyss and the position she finds herself in having to step up and be the reluctant heir to the Gray Wolf Throne. Even though she is secure and confident on the battlefield and giving orders she is still insecure about the role of being a princess and dealing with the political side. We see her go through a lot of emotional turmoil throughout the course of the plot and we really get a good sense of what kind of character she is. I am highly engaged and invested with her, almost more so than Ash and I am excited to see where how everything is going to come together.

Hal I could tell straight away when he is introduced that he is going to fall for Lyss, especially after she saves him from the mages. I can see how he is useful to the plot and his connection to the King through his father, but I can’t help but think he is only in the story as a love interest. He doesn’t really add anything else in particular to the storyline. I am hoping that we more of a sense of who he is in the coming books and he makes more of an impact, because right now he isn’t really doing anything for me.

I am loving this side plot with the Empress and the mage marks. The introduction of Breon and his Shadowcasting abilities was very intriguing and I was also very much invested in his character as well. Who is he really, what does his mage mark mean and what is the connection back to the Empress? Why is she chasing them and how is she able to locate them so quickly. I am left wanting to know more and this makes me want to pick up the next book in the series immediately!

⭐️ 4/5 star The plot is expanding and I have so many questions that need answering!!

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