Night Film Review

Ashley Cordova is the daughter of a famous film director Stanislas Cordova who commits suicide and an investigative reporter named Scott McGrath who tried to expose Stanislas in the past is on the hunt to find out the truth as to why she did it.

This was definitely not what I was expecting for sure. For some reason I thought this book was about a reporter who witnessed a crime so this was highly unexpected for me. I had never really looked into the blurb or found out what this book was actually about so it was kind of nice just going in blind.

Scott was an interesting character for sure. I was immediately invested in his storyline and wanted to know more about him and how he came to be in this situation. He has no qualms with bribing or trespassing in order to get the information he needs which kept me entertained throughout the course of the book.

I didn’t really know what to think of Ruth and Hopper. I knew Hopper had to be closer to Ashley than what he originally admitted to being because why else would she single him out? And Ruth I just thought was on Cordova’s side and we would see her sabotage Scott as one of the twists. But alas, that did not occur. I didn’t really see the point of her character and I was never attached to her in any way.

Ashley and the rest of the Cordova family were intriguing. I liked going on this journey with Scott and figuring out her movements before her death and how her father ties back into it all. The whole demonic aspect pulled me out of the story a bit because I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t think this story would have any kind of supernatural element but I was into it as the story progressed.

The pacing and the build up of anticipation kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading. I loved the mixed media format of the book as well, it was a nice break from everything that was going on and added a lot of context to the plot. It was thrilling and action packed and full of weird, kooky characters that surprised me at every turn!

⭐️3/5 This low key spooked me!

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