5 more favs over 500 pages

Around this time last year I posted 5 of my favourite books over 500 pages so I figured I would do an update with 5 more books I read and absolutely loved from the last year that have over 500 pages!

The Black Prism by Brent Weeks – 739 pages

This was the perfect amount of world building and introduction of all the characters and their backstories without being overwhelming. Granted at the start as I am with most epic/high fantasy I read I am a little lost, but I established myself pretty quickly into this world and was invested almost instantaneously with the characters. The magic system was unique and interesting and had just enough information to keep me engaged yet eager to know more. 

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas – 803 pages

From that first twist at the start I wasn’t able to predict anything that was going to happen next. The forced partnership between Bryce and Hunt, the investigation, the revelations, everything came together perfectly for me and even though it was over 800 pages I flew through this book!

Morning Star by Pierce Brown – 544 pages

It was honestly one of the best series I have ever read and I am itching to reread the whole thing again just to experience this epic rollercoaster of a tale again!

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett – 512 pages

I really loved the setting of this book, the atmosphere and the conditions of the city really added a layer of depth to the storyline and set the tone for the book. The dark, grittiness of the commons was heavily described and the almost hopelessness Sancia felt whilst living there really captured my attention.

The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty – 521 pages

I loved the overall concept and the premise of the story. The world building was wonderful and highly atmospheric. I could do with a little more information about the magic system and the extent of the powers of the different clans. I can’t wait to find out this world and how each of the characters develops as the story continues!