The One Review

The One is essentially about a dating website that finds your soul mate and the person you are meant to be with through your DNA.

I thought this was a very entertaining and compelling read. I read it all in one sitting late into the night as I just couldn’t put it down. The varying situations these people found themselves in after being matched, though was very outlandish was also kind of relatable.

Mandy’s storyline as it progressed I could kind of predict what was going to happen. Some of her decision-making was a little reactive and I thought she acted a little childish at times. She was probably my least favourite out of all of them just because of how uncomfortable she made me at times. The way she just immersed herself in this man’s life after she thought he had died was kind of problematic.

Nick’s story really tugged at my heartstrings. I loved seeing his emotional journey throughout the plot and how he came had to terms with who his match was and how he was feeling throughout the whole experience. I think his fiancé was a horrible person and used Nick from the start and denied him his happiness because she was afraid of being alone.

Chris’s story with Amy I thought was put in there for the shock factor above all else. I find it unrealistic that it took Amy so long to put together what Chris was doing. But I found his point of view quite refreshing in the sense that he was completely different to the rest of the characters. Seeing him struggle with these emotions that he has never had to comprehend at all was enthralling.

Jade’s character I found to be more believable in the situation she was in with her match. I think she made all of the right decisions and stayed with Kevin throughout the whole ordeal even though she knew she didn’t love him.

Ellie I didn’t really care about for the majority of the book. As a character she was kind of boring and didn’t really capture my attention at all until the very end. When she had that standoff in her office with Matthew was highly entertaining and I loved finding out about how they were connected and all the unethical things she did in order to start her business.

I think the multiple perspectives was the perfect format for the story, I really grew attached to a number of these characters and was highly invested in their storylines and how their relationships were going to work out.

⭐️4/5 stars shocking, endearing, entertaining, you won’t be disappointed!

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