The Weight of the Stars Review


The Weight of the Stars revolves around Ryann who is used to taking new kids at her school under her wing and helping them out. So when her teacher asks her to try and get through to Alexandria she takes on the challenge. Since Ryann is kind of a space nerd she recognises who Alexandria is, the daughter of an astronaut who volunteered for a one-way trip to the edge of the galaxy.

Ryann is a joy I absolutely love her. The way she takes care of her brother and his kid and how she just accepts all her friends for who they are and vice versa. She really has had a lot happen to her in her life and regardless she still gets up everyday and makes an effort to show up for those around her.

The way Alexandria came across for the majority of the book was very broody and angry. I can understand how her life would have been a struggle growing up knowing her mother chose to leave her and never see her again. But I think she definitely evolves over the course of the storyline and we see her soften and become more calm and sure of herself. After being offered what she thought was her dream and realising that it’s actually not for her at that time I felt showed how much just her friendship with Ryann and the others altered her perspective.

I think all of the characters in the book were distinct and diverse. I think it covers a range of very heavy topics that a lot of kids in high school have to deal with that is very relevant in todays society. I love the fact that each of them has their own personal journey they are undertaking and how each of them will drop whatever they are doing to help each other out.

I loved the build up of intensity to the storyline. It starts off quite innocuous and kind of innocent and it really morphs into this poignant tale of friendship and heartache. The scene after Tomas spills to everyone what happened at SCOUT and James runs off with Ryann chasing him was honestly so moving. I teared up multiple times throughout and left this book feeling impacted by what I just read.

⭐️5/5 I cried, this was wonderful!

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